Back to Basics: What is SEO?

Don’t know where to find sushi in your town? What is the first thing you do? You get on your laptop or phone and do a local search. Whichever device you grab, 75% of users you will only browse the first page of Google. You’ll click on the links that take you to the most... read more

Instagram Collections: What Many Claim is a Copy of Pinterest’s Most Popular Feature

Snapchat’s features are no strangers to being targeted by Facebook and Instagram. Last year alone, the two released their own versions of a story feature mimicking the already-successful “Snapchat Stories”. Just in case you aren’t aware of what’s been happening over the past few years on social media, here’s a brief overview of what we’re... read more


You may have noticed a short while back that we performed a major overhaul of our website. We felt that now was the time to speak out about it after working out all of the kinks and glitches that naturally come with any new site build. We take pride in creating beautiful, functional and appealing... read more

Just the Facts: Facebook’s New Plan to Weed Out Fake News and Misinformation

Have you ever wondered which news outlets are currently in the lead when it comes to generating interest and traffic? Would you believe us if we said that it’s social media giant Facebook? The website recently reported that 44% of its American users rely on it for the latest in news and facts going on... read more

How You Should be Using These 4 Critical Tips When Creating an Effective Facebook Ad

Social media has engulfed the world. According to The Statistics Portal, 81% of Americans own a social media profile. The reigning champion of social media is Facebook, which has over one billion active profiles with more than 100 million people active on mobile devices each month. Although seen as a pastime, Facebook has become a... read more

3 Social Media Outlets You Should be Using to Build Your Business’s Brand Awareness

As a business or brand owner, your goal is to see revenue return with any marketing strategy. Global consumers spend an average of two hours a day on social media sites. Imagine how many business profiles they view! If you own a business, the best way to maximize your company’s exposure is to be on... read more

4 Things You Should be Doing to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

As a business owner, you should be aware by now that every so often, you’ll need to do some tidying up to make your shop or office more appealing to customers. Maybe you’ve considered new colors, reorganizing the interior layout, etc. This is understandable as keeping the same look eventually gets dull. Remember, first impressions... read more

Making Your Stomach Growl While Exploring Delia’s Tamales’ New Website!

Imagine sitting at your favorite restaurant, eating an unforgettable meal and soaking in all of its deliciousness. The flavors, ambience and personal connection you have with your favorite place to eat is something that can be hard to translate into a website. At Imagine It Studios, we knew that Delia’s Tamales had placed a big... read more

A Quick Look at Facebook Messenger’s Latest Snap-Like Feature

Facebook's latest mobile Messenger update has users amped that the social media giant is catching up with other similar apps. Snapchat stood its ground when denying the sell off of their app to Facebook, and what did Facebook do? Challenged it. Back in August, Instagram introduced "Instagram Stories", which shared a striking similarity to Snapchat.... read more

3 Rising Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Anyone in the digital marketing arena understands that a key and crucial strategy is keeping up with the changes of an ever-evolving industry. For example, SEO is always evolving and one way to beat or catch up with the competition is to evolve with it. Below are some upcoming trends that are sure to grow... read more

Giving Back to Our Community Through Lone Star National Bank’s Annual Toy Drive

The chaos of prepping for the holidays can have anyone scrambling for the right decorations, food arrangements and, of course, gifts. We wanted to do our part this year by giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of those who truly deserve it: children. “At Imagine It Studios, we know... read more

Maximize Your Holiday Social Media Strategies with These 4 Tips

Most, if not all, consumers will be inundated with a few dozen holiday ads through email campaigns or social media. These ads typically promote the many holiday sales and special gifts that come with this time of year. Although it's great marketing, nowadays, there is a different approach you can take to entice holiday shoppers... read more

Producing a Fresher, User-Friendly Website for GR Fresh

The ever-changing online world can be tough to keep up with. People want fresh ideas, stimulating visuals and easy-to-understand information when it comes to web development. Delivering each of these in a unique but effective way is no easy feat. That being said, for a company to compete online, they need a faster, user-friendly website... read more

Showcasing Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C.’s New Website

To rank well on Google and gain customer attention, you must differentiate yourself by showcasing the areas your business excels at. Case in point, in McAllen, there are numerous, highly-rated lawyers that specialize in various areas. Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C. found itself swimming in a sea of competition, but the firm knew that the... read more

Helping AACT Increase Voter Turnout in the Digital Era

The Internet has captivated billions of people worldwide. With event announcements and photo and video sharing, it’s no wonder that so many make connections on a daily basis. Companies and organizations also take advantage of what the Internet can provide in order to make positive changes in the lives of so many. The Advocacy Alliance... read more

Bridging Ideas with B2Z Engineering

Websites are a reflection of a company. It only takes a few seconds for users to form an opinion about a business based on what they see and experience about them online. It’s crucial to portray efficiency and showcase expertise in order to secure business leads and build professional relationships that last years. One of... read more

What the Digital Marketing World can Learn from the Success of Pokémon Go

In early July, Pokémon Go took the country by storm. A simple mobile game where the goal is to walk about and catch various types of Pokémon? It was guaranteed to be a success considering the game is part of one of the largest and most profitable entertainment franchises in history. If you want to... read more

Looking at How the Fourth of July Stirs Marketing Creativity

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence with family cookouts, parades and, of course, fireworks, marketing companies are overhauling their campaign ads. Some can be forgettable, but the best ones can lead to costumers noticing you. In honor of our nation’s independence, Imagine It Studios searched far and wide through the depths of social... read more

Going for Gold: Get to Know VFCU’s New Website

Money makes the world go round, and that world needs websites that give every visitor exactly what he or she is looking for. This was the goal when our team worked on Valley Federal Credit Union’s new website. You see, we all know finances can be hard to understand, but this doesn’t mean your financial... read more

Digital Transparency: What the Fitbit Controversy Can Teach Us About Saving Your Brand

A recent news topic has made headway in the tech world regarding a very popular workout device - Fitbit - that is allegedly misleading consumers into thinking they are getting a better workout than believed. The news has created quite the debate over the accuracy of tech gadgets in workouts. Several national media outlets, including... read more

A Closer Glimpse at Instagram’s New Logo

On Wednesday, May 9th, Instagram users woke up to a surprise: the company’s skeuomorphic icon now resembled the bright gradient color of Apple’s other photo-sharing apps. The new logo featured a rounded-square (the camera) with a simple dot against a multi-colored neon rainbow background. The former logo had the iconic retro-looking camera, which had become... read more

A Tasty Launch: Looking at Two of Our Recent Projects

A business’s website can be the determining factor in whether a potential client will choose to work with them or quickly exit the site and look for a more-appealing option. But don’t think it’s all about how great a site looks. You see, a great website is equal parts creativity and the tools used. It... read more

From a Nerve-Wracking Interview to Watching Batman v Superman: My First Few Days with Imagine It Studios

On Friday, March 25th, I was fortunate enough to catch an early showing of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the long-awaited film that made history by featuring both titular characters together for the first time on the big screen. Imagine It Studios CEO and owner John King called us into his office earlier that... read more

The Slow Loading Internet World

I woke up one morning on a weekend and decided to immediately learn what was going on in the world. I pulled out my phone and opened up the browser. Nothing. I sat there, groggy, but still on the edge as I waited for my page to open. Nothing came. I checked the corner for... read more

The Fun Awakens: Star Wars and Inspiration

You can’t escape Star Wars today, and that’s totally okay. Even here at the office, we’ve fully succumbed to hype. We’re rocking lightsabers and waving our hands trying to do Jedi mind tricks to get out of work early. Okay, maybe not that last part, but we’re all kinds of excited. Star Wars means a... read more