Mixing Business with Pleasure at SXSW

Two of our team members are making waves at SXSW this year. Mauricio (Moe) and Osmar, our CTO and one of our content writers, are exploring the SXSW conference to get up-to-date info on the latest tech and digital media trends. It’s not all about the business end of things, though. These two know how... read more

Happy Birthday, Imagine It Studios!

Nine years ago today, we spotted a glint of opportunity on the horizon. It was a shift in a trending niche market that was set to revolutionize the marketing world: website development. Having close to a decade of experience in traditional advertising, we made a move to adapt to the modern day demands of mass... read more

Make SEO Work For You

Changes in SEO can happen at any time. What works best today can change tomorrow. Adapting to those changes will not only best serve any online marketer, but also the company providing those services. Experts in I.T. agree that SEO is one of the fastest growing and changing fields of online marketing. The method has... read more

S.E.O for Y.O.U

To fully understand how search engine optimization (SEO) works can be a daunting task. There are literally thousands of articles that may teach you about SEO, but if you are new to this approach, it is just confusing. Understanding how search engines operate and how using keywords or keyword phrases can boost rankings and increase... read more

Writing for SEO

Search engine optimization for any website is a must. If you want to get your website noticed, having great content can help. There are several other techniques you can use, but articles and blogs remain the most popular way. On the other hand, if you have a poorly written article or blog it may hurt... read more

Get With the Program

In a constantly changing industry like website design, it is often difficult to keep up with trends. Designers and website developers are constantly seeking new ways to improve the overall look and flow of their websites. The ultimate goal for a good website is to maximize usability while looking stylish and modern. Incorporating the latest... read more

Imagine Me and You

Finding a good website marketing company that manages websites, SEO and social media may be overwhelming for some people, but a great website marketing company should be experts in their field. They should be able to identify the goals of your website, your target audience and translate visits to sales. The business of building websites... read more

5 Rules for Marketing on Social Media

Social media has dramatically changed the landscape of global advertising and with hundreds of millions of users world-wide, the potential for marketing is massive. To put this in perspective, comScore Mobile Metrix recently released data showing that Facebook’s app has surpassed Google as the most used mobile app in the United States. While most new... read more

Marketing Your Idea Starts With Managing Your Brand

So you’ve had an idea for some time now, and it’s come to the point that you need to get the word out on your brand. If you’ve chosen a target audience for your services, you need to choose the correct method of establishing yourself to get their attention. Managing your brand on social media... read more

Helpful Tips To Keep Up With Your Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it; keeping up with a social media profile can be a hassle. If you own a business and find it difficult to update your profiles daily and reconnect with new customers, then it’s time to take a step back, look at the big picture and rethink your strategy to make things easier. Here... read more

Top 10 SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization can be a powerful tool. It can help boost your business simply by making your website more search engine-friendly. In order to get your website noticed you must be able to stand out. Utilizing SEO can help to boost your online business and maximize your website. Expert SEO companies utilize the following... read more