3 Photo Editing Apps That You Should be Using for Your Business’s Social Media Efforts

At Imagine It Studios, we take social media very seriously. Almost too serious, you can say. Obviously, the more creative you are with your posts, the higher the chances of gaining followers, shares and likes. We’ve found that it really helps to create unique strategies and photo styles for each client. This way, it’s sure to prevent each social post from being repetitive and boring.
With the subject of photos, we understand that catching someone’s eye with a social media post is the most important thing to do. Your smartphone alone offers hundreds of photo editing apps to do this, but which should you pick for your business’s social media accounts? We asked our in-house social media strategists about their favorite apps that help get the job done.

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Clair is one of our many social media strategists and is responsible for some of our more successful business accounts. How does she conquer the photo editing end of things while staying above the competition? “Social media platforms usually have their own editing software, but with so many people using them, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. With an app called PicsArt, I can enhance my pictures, use overlays, draw much more detailed graphics and make stickers and collages. It’s easy to maneuver on my phone, giving me the edge when uploading pics to social.”

PicsArt is available for both iPhone and Android free of charge. It’s very neat and lots of fun to mess around with since there are many editing and customizing options to choose from. Like Clair said, this app gives you a lot of creative control and allows you to use the following editing tools:

  • Collage creation
  • Border creation
  • Text insertion
  • Sticker additions
  • Effect insertion
  • Color manipulation


“I recently discovered Ripl and haven’t stopped using it,” says Genesis, another of our social media gurus. “Social media users love videos, or any post that uses motions, really. Ripl allows you to create a mini slideshow and share it on both Instagram and Facebook. There are many tools provided within the app to customize your post to best fit your business and brand.”

Like PicsArt, Ripl is available on both iPhone and Android free of charge. Best of all, it’s very popular with small businesses everywhere! Be sure to bring your photos to life with the animation option! You can drag and insert your company logo and even add your own music! There are many customizable tools and features that will make every post your own. Let’s not forget to mention that you’ll have access to more than 100 premium designs, plus new designs added weekly!

Adobe Photoshop

Most are familiar with Adobe Photoshop on desktops and laptops, but did you know that it can also be used on iPhones and Androids like the two previous apps we spoke about? Dan is another of our social media specialists who’s faithful to this app both on and away from his desktop. “I’m using Photoshop right now on my iPhone as we speak and I love that it has so many tools to make your project stand out above all others.” The mobile app comes with correction tools that you may already be familiar with on the tool’s desktop version.

Helping Your Social Media Presence

Managing our clients’ social media accounts is something that takes careful planning, creativity and, most importantly, originality. Over time, we’ve noticed that the more original and fresh a post is, the higher the chances of gaining followers. If you feel that your business’s social media or digital marketing efforts is lacking, then we can help you. Contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen today to get started!