Designer’s Corner: Jaime’s 5 Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Graphic Designing Efforts

Have you ever purchased something based solely on its packaging? Graphic designers are the superheroes behind almost everything we see, from websites, brochures and company logos. They’re the masters of balancing hat tricks that envision beautiful creations before getting to work on them.

This skill is beneficial to every small business looking to bring a new level of professionalism and appeal to websites and marketing materials. And thanks to many how-to books and YouTube videos, many can familiarize themselves with the process. The world of do-it-yourself education has allowed many to advance their techniques while balancing their own personal style.

If your business is looking to improve its visual appeal for social media, brochures or other business needs, then our lead graphic designer Jaime wants to offer up his own tips and tricks to improve your design.

Take it away, Jaime!

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Focus Your Thoughts and Ideas

Visualize your design before opening any digital software. With design programs, the possibilities are endless and wrangling your ideas can be problematic once that door is open. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Focus your thoughts and ideas.

“Some people start to sketch their ideas out with pencil and paper before opening any programs. I mentally visualize designs as soon as clients start talking. I want to have a game plan before I start designing on my computer.”

Connect Basic Colors to Objects or Emotion

Colors evoke emotion. They are connected to the way you think of everyday things. For example:

  • Water – blue
  • Eco friendly – green
  • Love – red

These colors tie into everything we think of. Understand which are associated with what. You don’t want to be known as the graphic designer that made a swimming pool logo using red water. Imagine how many people will be scratching their heads after seeing that!

Fonts Make a Difference

“I’ve seen tons of great graphics that’ve been completely dismantled by their fonts. People don’t understand how large a role fonts have. They can make or break a design’s purpose. For example, I’ve seen a lot of local political billboards with a candidate’s name in a script or handwritten font that can barely be made out. Although the graphic and colors work, the font kills it because I can’t read their name.”

Sizing, readability and font all make a difference. Find out where your graphic will be displayed, what its goal is and then adjust your fonts accordingly.

Develop and Evolve Your Own Style

“I love simple, minimalistic, black and white designs. That’s my own personal style. I know there are a million other artists that do the same, but we each have our own twist on the idea. That’s the challenge. You study their techniques, what they do, how they combine elements and put your own twist on it. Evolve what you’ve learned and develop your own style.”

Be an Agent of Chaos

“These are rules. Artistic rules. And although these are broad rules of what makes graphic designs visually appealing, rules were made to be broken. Use your best judgement about what to change or which rules to follow. Use what works for you.

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