Engineering a New Look and User Experience for Solorio, Inc.

Solorio, Inc. and the many members of our talented team are familiar with what goes into creating a work of art. The company’s owner, Simon Solorio, is an expert at blueprints and design, so he knows what it takes to make a structure look amazing. In the last few years alone, his company has received well-deserved amounts of recognition for delivering amazing and unique designs for some of the Rio Grande Valley’s biggest construction projects.

The company knew that it was time for a website that reflected the talents they used for their projects. Our lead developer, Cesar, had this to say, “Mr. Solorio wanted a unique-looking website that was easy to use without a traditional website navigation. To accomplish this, we knew that we had to roll up our sleeves and start doing what we do best: create a site to drive visitors and deliver a strong return on Mr. Solorio’s investment.”

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Who Are They?

Solorio, Inc. is a very well-known engineering and construction company that’s provided our region with outstanding infrastructures and potential future landmarks. If you’re not familiar with what they’ve created, then take a look at some of the projects they’ve overseen:

  • Sea Turtle Ranch in South Padre Island
  • The Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburg
  • H-E-B Park in Edinburg

Nothing but an A-Team

What happens when two successful companies work together? You get Solorio, Inc.’s beautifully-designed website. The company prides itself with outstanding structural engineering projects. On the other hand, we pride ourselves with our website design and digital marketing efforts. When both sides have a strong passion for what they do, you get great results!

Our lead graphic designer and front-end web developer, Jaime, shared his website creation experience. “The new Solorio website was so much fun to do. After I received an email from them encouraging me to really go in a unique direction, I was excited. I felt confident in using z-indexing and scrolling animations, something I don’t normally do unless I have permission to tap into my creative side. After the base idea and structure were down, I wanted something in the background that was going to remain through all of the pages to really bring it all together while still being unique.”

User Experience is Key

By scrolling through the Solorio website, you’ll probably ask yourself, “How can a website run so smoothly?” Cesar has the answer to that. “We decided to base the user experience around full-page elements that would form the basis of navigation through the content of the site,” he continued. “That’s exactly what you’ll experience.”

When Visionaries Unite

From a content marketing perspective, we knew that Solorio would not be an easy project, but with their help, we pushed forward. Our content manager, Mike, oversaw how we’d be marketing them through words. “Solorio is a unique client. The type of work they do isn’t easy and trying to explain that in a way where website visitors could appreciate their talents was a challenge in itself. Fortunately, the company was very helpful and provided a lot of constructive feedback that made writing for them easy and a learning experience.”

It wasn’t just our content department that benefited from working closely with Solorio, Inc. As you read earlier, Jaime also kept in close touch with them to bring their vision to life. “So many people hire us to create what they want to see, so credit to the people at Solorio for really letting us do our thing and understanding the we’re an authority for creativity and marketing online,” he concluded.

Let’s Build Your Next Website Together!

Solorio, Inc. has provided the Rio Grande Valley with one-of-a-kind designs that residents have never witnessed in the region before. By working together, we created something that represented what they did while giving them their own identity that separated them from the competition. If you’re ready to stand out and put your business on the map, then contact us today to schedule an appointment!