4 Things You Should be Doing to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

As a business owner, you should be aware by now that every so often, you’ll need to do some tidying up to make your shop or office more appealing to customers. Maybe you’ve considered new colors, reorganizing the interior layout, etc. This is understandable as keeping the same look eventually gets dull. Remember, first impressions always count! If you have a company website, then know that the same goes for your online presence. A redesign is needed every so often, and you’ll also need to improve your site’s user experience.

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Speed it Up

We’ve become spoiled over time with rising Internet speeds. Users have high expectations when browsing the web through various platforms. It can be frustrating having to wait for a page to load. A recent Google study revealed that 87% of users abandon a page after a two-second loading time. That’s a frightening statistic! Users are also aware that they can find similar content elsewhere without as much a struggle. Don’t let your website’s lack of speed be a thorn in your side any longer.

Determining its speed by using Google’s PageSpeed tool. This free service will identify your website’s loading time and offers various suggestions on speed improvement. It’s also available for mobile devices! After all, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. If you don’t talk tech, have our team of web developers take a look at your website!

Consider Non-Traditional Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are the glue that holds the web together. Don’t have users yawn at typical single-word links. A great way of setting your page and content apart is through unique hyperlinks. According to Google, users prefer attractive hyperlinks instead of single-word links. Having a healthy amount of linkage can increase your website’s click-through rate (CTR). This can be beneficial in various ways. Most importantly, it can improve your SEO game!

Use White Spaces

Users appreciate a good amount of white space within websites. A study conducted by Crazy Egg found that white spaces surrounding titles and content increase the chances of capturing a user’s attention by 20%. Users consider white spaces:

  • To be less cluttered, open, clearer, fresh and modern
  • An asset in making content more legible

“When it comes to selling information, having white space around the text is the best thing you can do. Having text and photos can make any design look really busy and cluttered,” said Jaime Villagomez, our lead web designer. “All of this can be beneficial for your company’s website. The user will sense a consistent connection, making it a positive experience.”

For the Love of Headings!

Bodies of content are important, but your headlines shouldn’t go ignored. Google typically gives well-written headings more attention. Headings should immediately be enticing and catch a user’s attention. For example, if you own a boutique, your blog shouldn’t be something bland and uninteresting as “New Summer Fashion”. Instead, it needs to stand out. Something along the lines of “5 New Affordable and Colorful Fashion Trends to Look Out for in the Summer” is more likely to catch people’s attention.

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User experiences are necessary to retain and attract current and new customers. Websites must be easy to navigate while offering a unique experience. For further tips and help on your user experience, contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen today!