3 Rising Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Anyone in the digital marketing arena understands that a key and crucial strategy is keeping up with the changes of an ever-evolving industry. For example, SEO is always evolving and one way to beat or catch up with the competition is to evolve with it. Below are some upcoming trends that are sure to grow in 2017. Take note and advantage of them to help your business’s website find the recognition is deserves.

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The Importance of Personal Branding

Although we’re sure you’ve spent a lot of branding efforts on your business, we’ve seen a rise in personal branding. Personal branding helps establish your online identity by using your personality and image. A great example would be Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg: his personal brand serves as an additional outlet with the corporate brand at the center. With personal branding, we find that small businesses gain user trust. Twitter and Facebook have taken this into account and refine their algorithms in favor of personal brands over other types of branding.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

We can all agree that the web can slow down at times, especially when using mobile devices, making it a frustrating experience. A study conducted by AMP Project shows that 40% of users abandon a web page after just three seconds of loading time. On a platform level, accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are making a lot of progress toward delivering faster, smoother load times.

Platforms and publishers who neglect AMP initially end up losing many users. Without AMP, a user’s experience isn’t as smooth, and most of the time, they find themselves bombarded with too many popup ads and clutter, making their mobile devices run slower.

AMP makes the user experience much more pleasant, and the chances of a user returning to your business’s website are high. Google studies show that AMP can improve loading speeds anywhere between 15% to 85%.

User Experience Optimization (UEO)

UEO is simply the overall experience a web user has on your page. We’ve learned that AMP is something Google favors and may land your website at a top spot in the rankings, but now that users are visiting your site, how do you plan on prolonging their stays and urging them to return? UEO is based on three things: clicks, consumption and action.

Some website visitors may not care about links, but search engines do. A majority of people, however, do care about information-rich content and the experience they receive while on a webpage. There are many ways to enhance your click-through rate (CTR), which is a ratio of how many people click on links within a webpage compared to how many visits that page has seen. A few ways of improving your CTR can be by crafting attention-grabbing headlines and/or using relevant keywords.

Content consumption is important for Google, which gathers how much time a guest spends on a site. Invest more time on content creation and be sure to make it of the highest quality with information that readers are searching for. Also, increase your content distribution by exposing and making it available to more people who might find it useful. Post often and be sure that the subject is interesting while remaining informative

Going with the Trend

It’s always good to be on top of your SEO game as it can impact whatever future campaigns you have planned. By always anticipating change, your business will thrive by keeping up with today’s digital marketing trends. Our digital marketing agency in McAllen is ready to help your online efforts, so contact us today to get started!