Putting it Bluntly: A Few Unique Ways Big Name Companies Have Used 4/20 Advertising

Putting your blue or red views aside, the United States has been steadily transforming into the land of red, white and green. North American marijuana sales totaled $6.7 billion in 2016, and in 2017, Colorado’s sales held steadily, topping $100 million for the eighth consecutive month. With nine states already making it legal to light... read more

Giving Back to Our Community Through Lone Star National Bank’s Annual Toy Drive

The chaos of prepping for the holidays can have anyone scrambling for the right decorations, food arrangements and, of course, gifts. We wanted to do our part this year by giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of those who truly deserve it: children. “At Imagine It Studios, we know... read more

Tunesday: Hitting That Creative Sweet Spot

Music is perhaps one of the most important inventions known to mankind. I mean, think about it. You hear music of all sorts all over the place, and it always has a purpose. If you’re at a party, it’s there to make all attendees dance. If you’re watching a horror film, the music is there... read more

Tenth Time’s the Charm: My (Late) Resolution for 2016

When I was 15, I decided to have my first New Year’s resolution. Right when the clock struck midnight in 2005, I set out to dial up my teenage charm and try my best to woo my crush into a short-lived high school romance. Oh, I remember her so well. Her face was raccoon-like, with... read more

The Slow Loading Internet World

I woke up one morning on a weekend and decided to immediately learn what was going on in the world. I pulled out my phone and opened up the browser. Nothing. I sat there, groggy, but still on the edge as I waited for my page to open. Nothing came. I checked the corner for... read more

Fresh Takes: Tangents and Brainstorming

So meetings here are usually pretty fun. Yeah, I’m actually being 100% serious about that. In fact, I actually look forward to meetings with the team because anything can happen. We go on tangents sometimes. It’s nothing bad because work still gets done. Actually, these tangents usually end up helping our clients in the long... read more

Viral Horror: The Spooky Stories of the Internet

Have you ever found yourself reading a scary story online? You know, maybe some weird trip through Wikipedia, or a thread on Reddit that a friend sent you? Do you remember how you felt reading it? That feeling of uneasiness wasn’t exactly terror, but it compelled you to reluctantly check over your shoulder anyway. The... read more

The Resistance Falls but IIS Marches On

IIS is moving on to greener pastures, so to speak. On our previous site, we published an article about our Friday team-building sessions with the board game ‘The Resistance”, a social, highly competitive game not designed for the weak of heart. Alas, all good things - even epic board games - come to an end.... read more

An Inside Look at the Imagine It Studios Photoshoot

All throughout spring, the IIS team had one goal in mind: to complete our new website in time for the scheduled launch date. We were on the hunt for the perfect photoshoot location. The details were eventually settled. Location: Fireman’s Park in McAllen Time: 6:00 PM Date: A hot summer day Standing Out In the... read more

Digital Moms Are a Force to be Reckoned With

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate moms everywhere who have become a digital force to be reckoned with. Whether digital moms are on the go or at home, smartphones, tablets and free Wi-Fi everywhere allows them to easily research brands and products, engage with those brands via social media and become a purchasing powerhouse. As they... read more

Imagine It Studios Takes on Title Boxing

“A couple that works out together, stays together.” This phrase may conjure up images of couples way too into themselves who treat the gym like a selfie studio. In all seriousness though, those people are onto something, and I think we’ve discovered what it is. Imagine It Studios is no stranger to testing new trends... read more

Digital Passover

Tomorrow night, Jewish families around the world will sit down together to enjoy the traditional Passover Seder. We will retell the story of our peoples’ exodus out of enslavement in Egypt. The highlight for my children is the horror of the plagues.   Boils! Lice! Hail! Darkness! Death!   Wait…didn’t I just read something the other... read more

A Nightmare on Imagine It Street

Many know about Imagine It Studios’ knack for awesome digital marketing services, but few know about the supernatural occurrences that often plague our talented staff. It’s a touchy subject around these parts and one that often goes unspoken. It all started about a year ago when the office specter, Ghostmar, began to haunt the Imagine... read more

SXSWi: We Went, We Saw, We’re Ready to Conquer the Digital World

SXSW Interactive has come and gone once again. After several jam-packed days of innovative panels and discussions, we’ve gained a variety of insights into the latest technology trends that will be leading the way in 2015. Each year, SXSWi hosts an assortment of innovative speakers and this year was no exception. Jessica Alba’s Model for... read more

SXSW Tech Crunch: Netflix Talks Trial and Error

Over the last few years, Netflix has found itself in the homes of millions of people around the globe. However, reaching that success and magnitude was no easy task. At SXSWi, Todd Yellin, Netflix’s Vice President of Product Innovation, discussed achieving customer satisfaction through the constant testing of the company’s product. Test, Cringe, Repeat According... read more

SXSW Tech Crunch: The State of Google

As you probably know, Google is the driving force behind anything Internet-related. It’s no surprise that the popular search engine would be honored at SXSW 2015. Imagine It Studios was present when vital information about Google Now and Google Grants surfaced. Now’s the Time Since its introduction in 2012, Google Now and predictable search has... read more

Mixing Business with Pleasure at SXSW

Two of our team members are making waves at SXSW this year. Mauricio (Moe) and Osmar, our CTO and one of our content writers, are exploring the SXSW conference to get up-to-date info on the latest tech and digital media trends. It’s not all about the business end of things, though. These two know how... read more

SXSW Tech Crunch: Designing for Trust

Imagine It Studios’ trek through SXSWi is well under way and already our adventurous techies are at the forefront of the most innovative ideas and information. One of the biggest themes at this year’s festival is website/user trust. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to input personal information into a site, but how... read more

Life is Just a Bowl

The words “super bowl” have been mentioned quite a bit around the office recently. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a non-football fan like myself, but it does come with one major downside. I now constantly find myself thinking about the contents of this oversized bowl. Is it filled to the brim with queso... read more

Imagine It Studios’ 2nd Annual Holiday Office Decorating Contest

Holiday festivities and competition don’t typically go hand in hand, unless you work at Imagine It Studios. For the second straight year, our digital marketing team is celebrating the start of the holiday season with an office-decorating contest. We do this for several reasons. Christmas is simply a beautiful, fun and joyous holiday. We also... read more

Our Thanksgiving Message to You

From a digital marketing company full of people who spend entirely too much time on the Internet in and outside of work, we want to remind you to put your phone/tablet/laptop away on Thanksgiving. This holiday is about enjoying the company of your friends and family - no matter how whacky and downright awkward they... read more

When the Cats Are Away… (Insert Cliché Here)

Life as the boss of a digital marketing agency can be full of difficult and stressful situations. You’ll often find yourself trying to manage a myriad of projects all at once and sometimes worry over looming and important deadlines. Every once in a while, however, you’ll take lengthy trips to fancy European destinations and send... read more

‘Pizza Wednesdays on Thursdays’

Every office has their collection of inside jokes, work traditions and unique stories to tell - like the time Mike became a bit tipsy at the 2012 Christmas party and rightfully earned the nickname ‘Magic Mike’. We've yet to let him live it down, but he doesn’t mind. In our office, we have no shortage... read more

My Modeling Career

Nothing strikes fear in my stone-cold heart as much as facing a camera. It’s embarrassing, really. Point a lens in my general direction and I cower in terror. Either I’ll stealthily shimmy away from the shot, hide behind another enthusiastic subject or begin sweating profusely when there’s no escape. It all gets worse if I... read more

Building Confidence in the Workplace

I love my job and coworkers. Most people can't say that, I think. For me, each day is an adventure with this group of individuals that know the perfect balance of business and pleasure. Our work environment is generally laid back with the occasional bout of deadline-meeting stress that comes with the marketing industry. Though... read more