How You Should be Using These 4 Critical Tips When Creating an Effective Facebook Ad

Social media has engulfed the world. According to The Statistics Portal, 81% of Americans own a social media profile. The reigning champion of social media is Facebook, which has over one billion active profiles with more than 100 million people active on mobile devices each month. Although seen as a pastime, Facebook has become a vital source for businesses to promote products and services.

While anyone can post on Facebook, few actually understand the ins and outs of what makes using this social media giant successful. An even fewer amount understand how to market businesses on it through properly run ads. To assist businesses looking to market on Facebook, here are five critical tips for an effective Facebook Ad.

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Less is More

Many hate reading long posts on social media. When boosting one on Facebook, opt for a message that’s simple and to the point. Answer questions with small amounts of text if possible. This way, viewers will digest your information easier, and even if they scroll past a post on their timeline, they’ll receive a notification that you’ve responded directly to them. For any social media platform, a good standard to follow is Twitter’s 140-character limit. This allows posts to be creative but straightforward.

A Strong Call to Action

Every post should have at least one call-to-action. It should entice users to take an action that leads back to your product, service or company website. When posting a call to action as a link, be sure to do no more than one. If you go overboard, then links on your post will compete against each other. You could overwhelm your audience with multiple links.

Use Polished Images

Almost all posts on social media should have an image. Images are more enticing that just text and allow posts to stand out. According to BuzzSumo, Facebook posts with images experience 2.3 times more engagement than those without them. Remember not to use just any image either. Use relevant ones that make your audience connect with your business. Take the time to understand what you’re trying to convey with images and then brand them with your logo. Branding is a great opportunity to increase awareness.

Target Directly with Facebook Insights

Target your audience accurately. One of the ways to figure out your demographic is to take a look at your business’s Facebook Page Insights tool. It can provide a precise profile of your audience, including key interests, ages and geographic locations! This information is crucial when it comes to understanding the people buying your products or liking your content. Target your audience using this information to get the most of your Facebook Ad reach to increase your click-through rates or brand awareness.

Remember, Your Website Reflects Your Business

After your ad comes together, your business can still easily deter potential customers away with an unpolished website. Your business’s website is on the digital frontline. It’s crucial to have a responsive, user-friendly and appealing design that’s also mobile friendly.

According to Adobe, almost 80% of consumers stop engaging with content that displays poorly on their device due to a website’s design. With 100 million Facebook users on phones and tablets each month, its essential to be mobile responsive.

Building Your Success

At Imagine It Studios, we understand what it means to be successful with social media marketing. If your business is looking to succeed online through website development, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and more, then we want to hear from you. If you like what you see, contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen to get started.