Making Your Stomach Growl While Exploring Delia’s Tamales’ New Website!

Imagine sitting at your favorite restaurant, eating an unforgettable meal and soaking in all of its deliciousness. The flavors, ambience and personal connection you have with your favorite place to eat is something that can be hard to translate into a website. At Imagine It Studios, we knew that Delia’s Tamales had placed a big task into our hands. We had to make a new website that represented not only a deep family tradition, but also their reputation of offering tamales enjoyed all throughout South Texas.

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A New Website to Meet Customer Demands

Your customers are obviously the reason behind your business’s success. If they are unhappy with a product or service, it could lead to a loss of their business, bad feedback and a poor reception on social media. Ideally, when customers are unhappy, they will voice their displeasure, making businesses go out of their way to resolve the issue.

“In my opinion, the upgrade to the site was more for the customers visiting it on a daily basis. The most popular comment that we’d receive was that our old site was hard to navigate,” said James Moon of Delia’s Tamales.

Capturing 30 Years of Family Tradition

“When Delia’s Tamales came to us for help, it was a great honor. They’re famous Valley-wide, and I had to capture that within their website design while addressing their navigation issue. I wanted their tradition and story to unfold online. I took the atmosphere and environment of what you experience at every Delia’s location and showcased it in their new design. Soft tones and rich greens with a hint of red, but the main focus? Tamales! I wanted the food showcased in every area where it could be done,” said Jaime Villagomez, our Web Designer.

Whether it’s your brand name, products or services, every business website should be able to wow their online visitors.

“As soon as the website loaded, I knew I wanted to hit the visitor with a full screen of delicious-looking food that made their stomach growl. One of my favorite approaches to web design is full screen backgrounds, and with Delia’s, it showcased their tasty tamales perfectly,” he continued.

Implementation Isn’t Always Easy

It’s vital for digital marketing companies to have a graphic designer, but it’s also crucial to have a web developer who can make those designs come to life online.

“Delia’s was a challenge for me. They needed an e-commerce platform to sell their products that was flexible and customizable. I personally had to grow a ton as a developer to develop this site. Learning how to modify the Woo commerce platform, work with AJAX and think about how users would experience the purchasing and checkout process of the site were some of the challenges I faced. Luckily, I had help with some of the user experience aspects of the site from our client. We worked together to make sure the site was not only attractive, but functional from various perspectives,” said Cesar Gonzalez, our Lead Developer.

A Cohesive, User-Friendly Website is Born

“The new website gives a more modern look that was lacking in the old one. I believe we knocked that one out of the park. This being my second build, I will say it was a pleasure working with a designer that is hands-on and understands what the customer needs and wants. And the navigation through the new site is a tremendous upgrade,” Mr. Moon concluded.

“The simplistic design created by Jaime inspires a unique experience for tamale lovers throughout the pages of the site. I am really proud of this project and, as of this moment, it’s my favorite website on the Internet,” said Cesar.

Both our team and Delia’s Tamales are excited and proud of the finished product.

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