Producing a Fresher, User-Friendly Website for GR Fresh

The ever-changing online world can be tough to keep up with. People want fresh ideas, stimulating visuals and easy-to-understand information when it comes to web development. Delivering each of these in a unique but effective way is no easy feat. That being said, for a company to compete online, they need a faster, user-friendly website that easily translates what they do.

Many of our clients have decent websites when they come to us. With GR Fresh, their website not only needed some touching up, but also required some interactive content. At Imagine It Studios, we were more than happy to craft a design that worked better for them in the long run while wowing their clientele.

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About GR Fresh

For over six decades, GR Fresh has been raising the standard in produce growth, distribution and transportation. This integrated agri-food company has been impacting food supply in North America through unmatched integrity, a clear vision and an undying commitment that focuses on delivering satisfactory results to customers and employees while ensuring the environment doesn’t suffer.

Growing Ideas Together

Our team’s largest challenge was to design and create a responsive and attractive website that reflected GR Fresh’s hardworking nature and success.

“We came to Imagine It Studios because they are a local company with creative and modern ideas. Our old website had a tech-like look. It wasn’t interactive, had no commodity specifications and was boring,” said Tony Incaviglia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GR Fresh. “Imagine It has a committed and passionate dedication to its craft. The team has a great habit of following up with us.”

“GR Fresh wanted a website that had movement, felt modern and, most of all, showed their passion for agriculture. It was a challenge to address all of these design aspects for a variety of reasons,” said Cesar Gonzalez, our Lead Developer. “The biggest challenge was with how certain vegetables were visually presented at times, and we were often asked to go back to the drawing board to find better solutions.”

Through development, GR Fresh wanted to capture exactly how their produce looked to showcase the freshness and quality of what customers can expect. Through re-strategizing, the team decided to add some extra qualities, like a video on the landing page, to make a strong and precise impression.

“A concern I always have has to do with the performance of a website with so much video content. Optimizing both GR Fresh’s content and the website in general were key to meeting the high level of performance that we strive for in our builds,” he added.

With videos, Cesar had to resize dimensions, run them through Adobe Media Encoder and compress the images to a suitable size. By making these adjustments, the website’s functionality was not compromised and everything loaded at optimal speeds.

“The videos on our website have brought us into the 21st century. It has the wow factor we were looking for,” he said.

Work With Us

See for yourself! Visit GR Fresh’s new website and tell us what you think. With a talented team of creators, innovators, writers and marketers helping your vision come to life, your business can conquer the online world. See how we can transform your website today!