Maximize Your Holiday Social Media Strategies with These 4 Tips

Most, if not all, consumers will be inundated with a few dozen holiday ads through email campaigns or social media. These ads typically promote the many holiday sales and special gifts that come with this time of year. Although it’s great marketing, nowadays, there is a different approach you can take to entice holiday shoppers to do business with your company.

Effectively using social media as a way to promote your business and any specials you’re having is a smart way of marketing in the modern world. Let’s face it, Facebook users check their newsfeeds frequently throughout the day. Be a part of what they see on there by promoting and pushing what you have going on.

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Use Social Media-Only Promotions

Make your social media followers feel extra special by offering them exclusive deals through your various platforms. There is much to benefit from by using social media promotions, such as the chance for people to tag your business or their friends and family whenever they make a purchase in your shop. Your business page will receive plenty of exposure this way and can very well generate new followers and customers. Many businesses find that their Facebook followers also follow them on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Snapchat is pretty intimate when promoting a business and is a rare avenue to use, but it can be very helpful if used correctly. Snap a video of one of your products and announce that it’s on sale. It’s guaranteed to get your Snapchat followers interested. The next day, recap your sale on other social media platforms and remind your customers to follow for future sales announcements.

Keep Your Channels Separated

One thing to avoid is linking your promotions to each of your social media accounts. Posting the same promotions on a couple of platforms can be overwhelming for your customers and might even become annoying. You don’t want your promotions to be come off like spam. Be choosey on which platforms to use and how often. Also, be sure to always announce an expiration date for each special.

Engage Your Email List

Retail companies promote signing up for email lists as a way to receive exclusive promotions and offers, or if they have a reward point program, these emails can notify customers when they’ve gained enough to garner discounts. Utilizing an email list makes it easy to stay in contact with customers while offering deals and promotions. Just like promoting items or sales through your social media accounts, you can provide a barcode within the email that your customers can use at a future date.

Always Follow the Terms of Service

It can be easy to get carried away with the many ideas for promotions, but always be careful and aware of your social media provider’s Terms of Service, local rules and regulations. Seek information and stay up-to-date on these terms and conditions to avoid risking any violations or, worse, having your account shut down.

Long Term Followers

There are many ways of marketing your place of business through social media, and these days, it’s proven to be full proof if used correctly. The Internet is an amazing place where businesses can grow faster than expected. Need help with web design or social media management? Then reach out to our digital marketing agency in McAllen today to learn more about what we can do for you.