H-E-B Park: A State-of-the-Art Website for a Stadium That Does it All

When H-E-B Park’s construction was first announced, many in the Valley were excited. There were already plenty of sports facilities in the RGV, but this one would prove to be one of the largest and most attractive. Like every great stadium and venue, H-E-B Park needed a high quality website. The venue knew that in order to connect with Valley residents, the help of a digital marketing company was needed. That’s where we came in. The website we created for the venue is fully-functional and offers information about the facility, a list of upcoming events and even the opportunity to plan your visit! Let’s talk a bit about the work that went into creating it.

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The Numbers

The Rio Grande Valley hasn’t seen a stadium the size of H-E-B Park before. Prior to its completion, the largest stadium and entertainment facility was the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo that seats 6,800 people. H-E-B Park seats up to 9,700 people and has many features over other local arenas that include:

  • A restaurant
  • An outdoor sports bar
  • Exclusive VIP lounges
  • An outdoor amphitheater
  • A picnic area

Fortunately for us, the Valley usually has warm, comfortable weather, even in the winter, making the stadium accessible and useful year-round. Since it’s opening, it’s already hosted a handful of events.

A Beautiful Digital Design

When visiting the venue’s site, you’re immediately greeted with the park’s design. You’ll then be taken on a full tour of the facility, including an engaging bird’s-eye view. The experience is almost as mesmerizing as it is in person. Our lead graphic designer and front-end developer, Jaime, knew that it was essential to incorporate the park’s design within the website.

“H-E-B Park gave me the perfect excuse to use one of my favorite sure-shot web design ideas: a large intro graphic with a nice big, bold font. We have really nice photos of the park, but it felt a little dead to me. I really wanted the park to seem like a larger-than-life idea that came to fruition on its own, and anything living needs to breathe.

“The photos were great, but the website needed to breathe. Something to make it look alive, possibly some movement. I then suggested the idea of adding a video. After the great intro video with some overhead shots was added, the feeling of the website felt alive to me on the monitor. The added bottom navigation is a popular trend, and I am seeing a lot of it on high-end websites outside of the states.”

View Through a Designer’s Eye

Every website idea that we come up with is designed with your business’ needs in mind. Our web designers believe that your business’ sole mission should transpire through your website. H-E-B Park takes pride in their stadium design, as they should. Looking to surpass their expectations, we presented a high-end site that does so much for them. If you have a grand web design idea in mind, then contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen today!