Introducing ‘The Content Avenue’, a Division of IIS

We noticed a rising niche in the world of digital marketing, and since we aim to please, we jumped at the opportunity. Many of our prospective clients who already have a perfectly workable website were in search of something that would simply help them stay relevant in search engine ranks. They wanted substance. The visual... read more

An Inside Look at the Imagine It Studios Photoshoot

All throughout spring, the IIS team had one goal in mind: to complete our new website in time for the scheduled launch date. We were on the hunt for the perfect photoshoot location. The details were eventually settled. Location: Fireman’s Park in McAllen Time: 6:00 PM Date: A hot summer day Standing Out In the... read more

Snapchat for Business: Why You and Snapchat Are a Perfect Match

When Snapchat first hit the social world, it was tethered to an image for facilitating the perk of vanishing pictures and videos. The introduction of features like Stories, Discover and image customization have since made Snapchat a social app that has shaken up the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today, Snapchat boasts about 100... read more

Imagine It Studios Takes on Title Boxing

“A couple that works out together, stays together.” This phrase may conjure up images of couples way too into themselves who treat the gym like a selfie studio. In all seriousness though, those people are onto something, and I think we’ve discovered what it is. Imagine It Studios is no stranger to testing new trends... read more

Mobile Friendliness Takes Center Stage in Google’s Agenda

Google is making big moves in the world of mobile responsiveness as seen in their recent efforts to target webmasters lacking mobile-friendly sites. In January, the tech conglomerate issued notices to webmasters if their sites were not mobile responsive. The message: get with the program. These mass notifications warned that sites or pages lacking this... read more

The Gist of Mobile Responsiveness

Have you ever visited a website on your smartphone that was filled with glitches, was disproportional to your screen and contained almost no "tappable" links? It's nothing short of a nightmare having to deal with these sites when you’re messing around on your phone or tablet. With Google's latest digital marketing project, they've taken on... read more

Bounce Rate: Playing the Sticky Ball Game

Thanks to Google Analytics, managing a website and its traffic is made a little easier through the features it offers, like bounce rate analysis. Bounce rate is a valuable tool in any digital marketer’s toolbox and can be used to analyze the traffic on a site and provide insight on what improvements are needed. Bounce... read more

Our Thanksgiving Message to You

From a digital marketing company full of people who spend entirely too much time on the Internet in and outside of work, we want to remind you to put your phone/tablet/laptop away on Thanksgiving. This holiday is about enjoying the company of your friends and family - no matter how whacky and downright awkward they... read more

Web Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

In the digital world, people do judge a book by its cover. Luckily, you can use this to your advantage when developing your online marketing campaign. Visitors will draw an opinion of your website and company within seconds of viewing the landing page (the first page they will come across). The challenge is to create... read more

4 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

Giving digital marketing a go on your own seems simple enough. You set up a neat website, a social media account and get some AdWords going. After a year or so, your online presence is stagnant without any of the positive feedback you were hoping for. What now? The digital marketing world is diverse and... read more

‘Pizza Wednesdays on Thursdays’

Every office has their collection of inside jokes, work traditions and unique stories to tell - like the time Mike became a bit tipsy at the 2012 Christmas party and rightfully earned the nickname ‘Magic Mike’. We've yet to let him live it down, but he doesn’t mind. In our office, we have no shortage... read more

Building Confidence in the Workplace

I love my job and coworkers. Most people can't say that, I think. For me, each day is an adventure with this group of individuals that know the perfect balance of business and pleasure. Our work environment is generally laid back with the occasional bout of deadline-meeting stress that comes with the marketing industry. Though... read more

What You Need to Know About Google My Business

Google is undoubtedly doing big things in the world of online marketing. The massive internet conglomerate is at it again with the release of their latest business tool: Google My Business. This suite of services offers small businesses a one-stop-shop that simplifies local marketing. It’s a service where you can update business information, monitor activity... read more