Snapchat for Business: Why You and Snapchat Are a Perfect Match

When Snapchat first hit the social world, it was tethered to an image for facilitating the perk of vanishing pictures and videos. The introduction of features like Stories, Discover and image customization have since made Snapchat a social app that has shaken up the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Today, Snapchat boasts about 100 million users with 1 billion Snapchat stories being viewed per day. Both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies are jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon in hopes of bonding with the consumer market on a more personal level.

Find out if you should make the jump. We’re ready to help you dive into the process.

If your company is looking to broaden its social media reach to consider new markets or avenues of contact, Snapchat may be a viable option. It’s important to consider what sort of hold Snapchat has on the general consumer market. Read on to see why Snapchat and your company are a perfect match.

Millennial Mania

Is your company looking for new and creative ways to target the millennial demographic? Snapchat is this age groups’ preferred social platform by far, so it’s one you should learn to embrace. For social media, the millennial market for each major platform is:

  • Snapchat – 71%
  • Tumblr – 53%
  • Twitter – 41%
  • Facebook – 38%

With the majority of millennials using Snapchat, it can’t be ignored. Carefully crafted messages that cater to a younger generation is something big companies like NARS, Taco Bell and even the NBA are taking full advantage of. These companies effectively adapted to the instantaneousness of the app while capturing the consumer’s attention.

Snapchat and You

From a business standpoint, you can benefit from Snapchat’s short-lived message format to announce products, connect with users on a personal level and simply stand out from the competition. Using Snapchat in an interactive and fun way really speaks to the younger audience. With Snapchat, your business can:

  • Promote new products
  • Send exclusive promotions
  • Provide real-time interactions and feedback
  • Give an inside look into your company’s daily activities

Snapchat can only be accessed through smartphones, so you’ll always have direct access to the consumer on the go.

Let’s Snap

Imagine It Studios and you are another perfect match. Whether you’re looking to launch a social media campaign or want to delve into new social horizons, our team of quirky social media specialists is here to help.


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