Introducing ‘The Content Avenue’, a Division of IIS

We noticed a rising niche in the world of digital marketing, and since we aim to please, we jumped at the opportunity. Many of our prospective clients who already have a perfectly workable website were in search of something that would simply help them stay relevant in search engine ranks. They wanted substance.

The visual appeal of a website is great, but content can give your business the push it really needs. It’s something we always tell our clients when planning their marketing campaign. Genuine, original and informative content is what can capture the attention of readers and search engines alike. It’s an integral part of any good website.

We wanted this new branch to be all about the written word – or, the digital word. While IIS still provides the bread and butter of a solid digital marketing campaign, this new division would offer a comprehensive list of services solely involving content that would fit the budget of any established company or small starter business.

Thus, The Content Avenue was born.

Speak Up for Your Site

While the aesthetic part of a website sets the mood and brand image, the content engages the reader. It should be given as much attention as the design. In SEO, when search engines crawl your page, they’re reading text, not pretty graphics and designs. You can’t expect for your site to rank over the competition when it doesn’t say anything. Search engines like Google look for quality content relevant to what readers are searching for.

Consumers and search engines are hungry for information, and we can help you give them that. Our services include:

  • Content Strategies
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotions
  • SEO Content
  • Social Media Content

All About that Original Content

Let’s forget about SEO for a minute. Even if your goal doesn’t revolve around being found online because you already have a strong client base through traditional marketing means, providing helpful and useful content for consumers is still a wise investment. You may be happy with word-of-mouth business and local promotion, but wouldn’t you also want to promote your expertise in your field?

Maintaining your social media presence and website’s content with blogs, articles and FAQs can boost your credibility and expand your client base further. Whether you’re a restaurant, a local boutique, an attorney’s office or a medical facility, your clients can also have access to you and your valuable information 24/7 with up-to-date content.

Content is King

It may be cliché, but content really is the key to a successful site. Whether you’re familiar with our work at IIS or if you’re new to what we offer, The Content Avenue is available to provide this specific service. Our Dream Team of creative, skilled and experienced writers knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to making your content stand out. Let us work our magic with words as you watch your digital presence soar.