Our Thanksgiving Message to You

From a digital marketing company full of people who spend entirely too much time on the Internet in and outside of work, we want to remind you to put your phone/tablet/laptop away on Thanksgiving. This holiday is about enjoying the company of your friends and family – no matter how whacky and downright awkward they are. So let’s put our phones down and be thankful that there is a national holiday dedicated to doing nothing but eating and drinking with the people we care for most.

louis ck thanksgiving

The digital world can wait. Besides, who wants to see a wall of generic Facebook posts and text wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving…


Oh, and we’re also thankful that fat pants are a thing. Thank you all-mighty Fat Pants inventor! Now, nobody can judge you for unbuttoning your jeans after a third serving of turkey and a second slice of pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream.

fat pants thanksgiving

boromir thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

darth vader thanksgiving

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