Fresh Takes: Tangents and Brainstorming

So meetings here are usually pretty fun. Yeah, I’m actually being 100% serious about that. In fact, I actually look forward to meetings with the team because anything can happen. We go on tangents sometimes. It’s nothing bad because work still gets done. Actually, these tangents usually end up helping our clients in the long... read more

Roar Bacon: Why Mistakes Aren’t Always the Enemy

The funny thing about social media is that it’s always live, and a lot of the time, your audience is not very forgiving. Okay, so maybe funny isn’t the right word, especially for a social media coordinator. We’ve all had that moment of panic after sending a tweet that has an unfortunate typo. Sometimes, though,... read more

Viral Horror: The Spooky Stories of the Internet

Have you ever found yourself reading a scary story online? You know, maybe some weird trip through Wikipedia, or a thread on Reddit that a friend sent you? Do you remember how you felt reading it? That feeling of uneasiness wasn’t exactly terror, but it compelled you to reluctantly check over your shoulder anyway. The... read more

Staying on Target: The Benefits of Writing for Smaller Audiences

When it comes to writing content for an audience, speaking to a few is sometimes better than speaking to many. It’s often easy to assume that simply casting the biggest net out there and trying to grab as much attention possible will work in your favor. Yes, this has its advantages, especially if you’re a... read more

Long Way Home: What Long-form Can Teach Us About SEO

Search engine optimization is always an evolving practice. The algorithms behind your simple everyday Google searches are way more complicated than you think and take into account a lot of factors. Words matter when getting your website ranked. As we’ve noted before, constant blogs and content updates will give customers the knowledge they crave and... read more

Change Is Scary: What A Change To Twitter Could Mean For Marketing

Twitter has always been a sort of addiction. The constant stream of news nuggets and content makes is hard to look away sometimes. In a way, that’s the beauty of the platform keeping things short and sweet keeps your eyes on the feed. Change seems to be on the way, though, and it could have... read more

Nostalgia Bomb: What the Past Tells Us About the Web

This week, we came across a wave of nostalgia after stumbling onto a list of the most popular websites of the past. The selections were vast and included the first incarnations of future standards and even sites of our favorite childhood movies. What made sites popular back in the day and how does it apply... read more

No Place Like Home: Boosting Your SEO Rankings Locally

In the past, we’ve covered how crucial SEO is for an online marketing strategy. Quite frankly, no matter how great your site looks, it won’t matter if no one can find it. 89% of consumers use a search engine, primarily Google, to research a company before making a purchase. This means your SEO rank can... read more

Tool Time: What We Use to Build Your Brand

Digital marketing is built on many tools, one being content. For small businesses setting foot in the digital marketing world, building content may seem daunting, but when putting anything together, you need the right tools. Thankfully, there’s an extensive toolbox of quick and efficient apps and software to use. We keep this in mind when... read more

Constructing Clout: Building Business Leads Online

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that consumers have access to so much data with just a few keystrokes and a click. With that kind of power, a consumer has the ability to make extremely informed decisions when it comes to making purchases. Finding leads online is equal parts getting noticed and being listened... read more

In Good Hands: Social Media in the Hands of an Agency or In-House

Social media has risen to be one of the most crucial parts of any successful business. The versatility of social media to promote your brand and interact with customers goes a long way to getting people through the door. A digital marketing agency delivers for your business on multiple fronts. Let us help you get... read more

Timing is Everything: Knowing When to Tweet

Tweeting is all about timing. Hitting the mark with a post depends on a lot of factors, the biggest being deciding when to hit Tweet. If you post too early, you risk getting buried in the news of the day. Too late and your audience shrinks. If you get your timing just right, the potential... read more

Turning Up the Volume on #Tunesday

We started something new here at Imagine It Studios on Tuesdays. We thought we’d gather our collective thoughts to give you an idea of what we listen to at the office. Music is a big deal for us. It not only entertains us, it pushes us when we’re working. It fuels our creative juices and... read more

Pin It to Win It: Use Pinterest for Your Website’s Success

When it comes to social marketing on platforms like Pinterest, the question of when to pin can be just as important to ask as what to pin. There are many schools of thought when it comes to the timing of posts and some loosely accepted ideas of the perfect window, but what works best for... read more