The Resistance Falls but IIS Marches On

IIS is moving on to greener pastures, so to speak. On our previous site, we published an article about our Friday team-building sessions with the board game ‘The Resistance”, a social, highly competitive game not designed for the weak of heart. Alas, all good things - even epic board games - come to an end.... read more

Fiction vs. Reality: The Largest SEO Myths Exposed

Search engine optimization (SEO) has undergone drastic changes over the last few years. As a result, a number of myths have surfaced, which can be confusing and misleading for those unfamiliar with SEO. The way we think about SEO changes with each search engine algorithm update that comes along, making it harder to distinguish fact... read more

Results Speak for Themselves: Our Own J. Gonzalez Law Firm Dominates on Google

The J. Gonzalez Law Firm has been a client of Imagine It Studios for almost 3 years - and with good reason. We are pleased to announce that one of the Rio Grande Valley’s most trusted personal injury law firms currently holds 6 positions on Google’s first page for the SEO term “Car crash lawyer... read more

Making Cents of it All: P&G Takes a Gamble on Digital Advertising

In a move that has the American advertising industry buzzing, consumer products giant Procter & Gamble is now spending more than a third of its advertising budget solely on digital media.  The bold shift in strategy comes at a time when studies show that for the first time, Americans will spend more time online than... read more

So Long, Summer: Back to Business with Imagine It

As the long, carefree days of summer fade into the brisk freshness of fall, it’s time to go back to work and take stock of your business and its marketing strategies. No matter how nice your website is, it won’t mean a thing if you are not having it properly optimized. Here are a few... read more

SEO and the Whole Shebang

Although the practice of search engine optimization has been around for nearly two decades, the tactics used by marketers in recent years has changed drastically. SEO is not just about providing links and text with no substance anymore. A shift in what consumers are actually expecting from their brand is evident in search engines, like... read more

Market Big for Your Small Business

As a small business, becoming a prominent part of the community is necessary to maintain a steady business flow.  This notion should be considered the same online.  Creating an unavoidable presence in online communities will do plenty for the success of your business. There are many social media sites that allow businesses to interact with... read more

App-in’ Ain’t Easy

Here at Imagine It Studios in McAllen, our SEO, tech and design team is always working hard on various projects. From SEO to design to proposals, we’re always on the go.  This week, we were able to add another fun project to our list. We created our first mobile app for Esparza Pest Control. Our... read more

Avoid Decline with Design

We’re all about the age old “don’t judge a book by its cover” rule. However, there are a few times when this rule does not apply. If the bread is moldy, don’t eat it. If the outfit looks funny on you, don’t wear it. If the website is ugly, close that tab. The layout and... read more

ABC, 123, SEO

SEO, aka search engine optimization, has been around for almost 20 years. However, not too many people know its purpose let alone process. Search engine optimization does exactly what its title declares. When someone searches a couple of keywords on Google, they expect a list of results. This is where an effective SEO recipe comes... read more

Mobile Application Scams

In the world of marketing and technology, innovation is the key to being competitive in a world where too little really is too late. There are easier, faster ways to market your product to the masses without the expense of costly advertising. Now the ability to launch a marketing campaign to promote a product, or... read more

How much for that site?

This past week I was asked "why does one website cost more than another?  Aren't they all the same?"  I wish there was a simple answer to this one but there really isn't a magic formula.  We are always honest and give our customers the best price for what they're asking. I guess you can... read more

Simple Plan To Get The Word Out On Your Business

How can I use Facebook to get my word out? It's not rocket surgery (to quote John)…you need to get the word out.  Tell your customers that you DO have a Facebook page (or what ever the social media flavor of the month is).  Look at where people can interact with you.  Tag the bottom... read more

Are you the master of your own domain?

Over the last ten years or so we've helped businesses set up their hosting and we have to ask that all to common question.  "Where is your domain?"  Often I get that look of "HUH?"  and the standard response "Well…I *PAID* someone to register the name for me."  I don't know what happened after that. ... read more

The Importance of Mobile Search

In 2010, over 300 million smartphones were shipped. More and more people are using their mobile devices to search on the go. The rate at which mobile search is growing can be compared to the early days of desktop search. Google sees hundreds of millions of mobile searches each day, according to Paul Feng, group... read more