A Nightmare on Imagine It Street

Many know about Imagine It Studios’ knack for awesome digital marketing services, but few know about the supernatural occurrences that often plague our talented staff. It’s a touchy subject around these parts and one that often goes unspoken. It all started about a year ago when the office specter, Ghostmar, began to haunt the Imagine It Studios team.

One-Two, Ghostmar’s Coming for You

It was in early 2014 when I, a young, innocent and devilishly handsome college graduate, began working at Imagine It Studios. Things were great in the beginning. My coworkers were as hungry for success and food as I was and we all got along like 13 peas in a pod. However, as the weeks rolled by, things began to take a turn for the spooky.

Katherine began claiming she heard noises coming from the tech room when she was the last one to leave the office. We quickly dismissed her concerns because, after all, what could a nerdy tech’s ghost possibly do? Yet, things became more serious when Mike began to experience otherworldly situations as well.

The Fear Spreads

Mike claims he heard someone sit down on a chair and start typing the time we all left to lunch without him. Either he made it all up to spite us or the office ghost is one responsible and devoted tech. Then, a few weeks later, both Katherine and Mike swore to have heard me call them out loud despite the fact that my mouth was filled with donuts. Freaky stuff.

As time went on, everyone began to experience their very own brush with Ghostmar. Shelby claims she saw him at her home, perched over her bed while watching her sleep. I personally think that might have been a case of home invasion but don’t have the heart to tell her. I recently had my first encounter with Ghostmar. I was washing my coffee mug after everyone had left our building and the paper towels fell to the floor and unrolled. It was boring. And having to re-roll the napkins back onto the roll made it the most annoying ghost encounter I have ever experienced.

Imagine the Possibilities

The truth is at Imagine It Studios, we let our imagination go wild, which is something to definitely be proud of. Our expert digital marketing team can create innovative and ingenious ideas for your company just as easily as we can whip up supernatural folklore in an office setting. If your McAllen business is ready for a fresh and creative way to reach your masses, we can help. Let our team help put you on the map today.


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