Digital Passover

Tomorrow night, Jewish families around the world will sit down together to enjoy the traditional Passover Seder. We will retell the story of our peoples’ exodus out of enslavement in Egypt. The highlight for my children is the horror of the plagues.








Wait…didn’t I just read something the other day about MOBILEGEDDON!? Is that one of the plagues we face today? Yes, I see it now. It’s the year 4015 and businesses retell the story of the plagues of the digital era’s early years.


Algorithm changes!

Increased competition!

Evolving technology!

Information overload!

Social media-wired consumers!


Business owners looked to the sky and shouted in frustration:

“Let my business GROW!”


Then the seas of internet chaos and confusion parted and there stood a motley crew of clever but somewhat quirky characters calling themselves Imagine It Studios.

Armed with laptops, cell phones, a nerf gun and an Xbox One, they led the masses through insights, sessions, traffic sources and bounce rates. Their laser focus on conversion and return on investment garnered loyalty and a passionate following. Their people grew in numbers for many generations, one success story after another.

We dip our parsley in salt water to remember our tears of confusion. Then, we lift our four glasses of Manshewitz and drink together. Next year with IMAGINE IT STUDIOS!



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