The Ultimate ‘Mobilegeddon’ Survival Guide

Google doesn’t underestimate the power of mobile device users and neither should you. With the majority of Google searches performed via smartphones and tablets, it’s no surprise that the search engine giant has responded with a new upcoming algorithm. Recognizing this increase in mobile search trends, Google will incorporate a website’s mobile-friendliness into its search engine rankings starting April 21st.

What does this mean for your website? If you’ve neglected the importance of an updated design that performs better on mobile devices, the search engine could rank you lower than your mobile-friendly competitors.

Why You Should Optimize by April 21st

As the consumer demand for mobile performance grows, Google has made it a priority to provide users with more mobile-friendly search results. If your website’s design displays poorly on mobile devices, the new algorithm will significantly impact mobile search results, which could result in major traffic reduction for your site.

How to Prepare for ‘Mobilegeddon’

What it all boils down to is that smartphones are more sophisticated than ever, and the people using them have higher expectations for mobile usage. To offer a smoother online experience for your customers and site visitors, employ a website that caters to mobile and desktop users alike.

The End is Near, We’ll Handle Your Digital Doomsday Prepping

April 21st is only a few weeks away and Imagine It Studios has the know-how to get your website ready for “Mobilegeddon.” Contact us today to speak with one of our web design specialists to help give your customers and website visitors a proper mobile-friendly experience.