Web Design in McAllen: What Is It & What Are The Best Practices?

First impressions matter. You have only a matter of seconds to capture your audience’s attention online. If your website isn’t instantly hooking your online audience with its call-to-actions, colors, or branding then it’s not a good website. 

That’s where Web Design comes in. 

What is Web Design? 

Web Design is the design of your entire website. It’s what creates the overall look and feel when you’re using a website. But not to be limited to just the look and feel, this also includes shaping the site’s structure and the users’ experience of it. 

Web Design vs Web Development 

We’ve shared what web design is (see above). Web development is responsible for making the web design come to life with coding. Web development is more of the “back-end.” Referring to the coding and the components customers don’t see on the website.

Is Web Design Important? 

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

When you purchase a t-shirt, why are you purchasing it? Is it because of the color? What does it say? The style? You purchase a t-shirt for the design! All these elements are part of the design. 

Design is a huge part of our daily lives. Design catches our attention. This is exactly what a website should do and with so many more websites popping up – it’s crucial for you to stand out in your design. 

5 Successful Practices of Web Design in McAllen

1. Consistent Branding

Your business has a look and feel. Your social media and your website should also have the same look and feel. It creates an overall branding that will become associated with your business.

Keep your branding consistent throughout your site – colors, tone, playfulness, seriousness. 

2. Navigation

Your website should not be a treasure hunt. Websites should take customers on a journey giving them an engaging experience with plenty of opportunity and clear pathways so they can convert. 

You want your customers to take a dive onto your website. Consider blogs, more information, a FAQ page, and even an article about us! 

3. Concise Call-To-Actions

You want customers to purchase items online. You want customers to call your business or visit your business. If a customer goes online they should easily find a button on where to purchase, a click-to-call action to call your business, or a direction button to visit your business. 

These are all call-to-actions that should be on your site, making it easy for customers to convert. Your website should always have concise call-to-action buttons! 

4. Typography and Colors

Color Scheme will set the tone for your site. Typography will complement the tone and strengthen the overall message throughout the site. Always keep in mind your target audience and how colors will play into the overall feel of the website. 

5. Responsive Design

Most online users visit websites through their mobile phones. That means you need your website to also be responsive on a mobile phone. The way it looks on a desktop isn’t going to be exactly the same on a phone. It’s crucial to always keep this in mind and always design with a mobile first mind. 

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Your Business Needs Web Design in McAllen 

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