Giving You Some Insight Into Our Web Development Process in McAllen

With digital marketing constantly evolving, it can be tough deciding how to best go about adopting new ways to help your business keep up with competitors. One method that’s proven to work is either creating or updating your website. Web development is just one of the many important steps in a successful digital marketing campaign, and a website is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Websites can be an asset to a business since they serve as a hub for the services you offer. There’s a lot that goes into creating a website for a client, and our process is pretty solid throughout! Let’s go over why web design is so important. 

Going Digital

Digital marketing is an intense field and won’t get easier any time soon. With an unstoppable advancement in technology, everyone is constantly online. This may not seem like a big deal, but having active followers on social media, for example, is winning only half the battle. The other half comes by driving the right traffic to your website.

Emmanuel Olivo, our Lead Web Developer, had this to say about the topic, “The only way to take advantage of everyone constantly being online is by having a strong online presence. Websites are faster, broader and easier to access than any other traditional medium.”

Web Development

Our tech department has a checklist that it analyzes before any work is actually done on a website. They first need to know if it’s going to be dynamic or static. Dynamic websites require a lot of up-keep and constant, real-time updates. A static website is used mostly to showcase information and has very little functionality.

After this, our tech team makes a note of needed tools and whether they’ll be third-party or developed in-house. Once this is all figured out, they’ll create a flow diagram of how a user would navigate through the site to ensure a great experience.

Web Design

The most important piece of the puzzle is understanding what the client wants. What’s their ultimate goal of having this website? Are they trying to sell a product? Do they offer services that they want to expand on? Knowing the client’s vision is very important because it helps us come up with a blueprint of what to do.

“Maybe the client owns a little restaurant. If so, I’d keep the website simple and warm. My main goal and mindset, as the lead web designer, is to try and replicate the feeling of being at that cozy restaurant through their website,” added Jaime Villagomez.

In addition to the client’s goals and vision, we need to know who their audience is. This makes our job easier when building the site.

How We Can Help

Here at Imagine It Studios, we pride ourselves in creating websites that our clients will be proud to have. Web design in McAllen has never been more inclusive. We take what you need and bring it to life according to your expectations. If you’ve been thinking about creating a website for your business but aren’t too sure how to go about doing it, then contact us today!