5 Social Media Trends That Will Make Strides in 2021!

One of the biggest lessons we learned in 2020 was just how much of a role social media plays in our lives. With so many people staying home due to the pandemic, countless businesses were forced to focus on their social media presence to continue growing and making sales.

With 2021 comes new trends in social media that every business needs to learn and utilize because, quite honestly, we don’t know how much longer this pandemic will last. Here are five things that we expect will play big roles in the new year. 

Using Short-Form Videos

Video has always dominated social media since it encourages interaction and engagement, but long videos that take time to get to the point or showcase a topic tend to push audiences away.

Enter short-form videos!

Snapchat got everyone’s attention by starting this trend, then Instagram and Facebook Stories followed. Now, Tik Tok is a huge sensation with its short-form video content. This form of content exploded in 2020 and will surely continue to do so in 2021. Utilize this for your business and see how it works out!

Taking Advantage of Social Commerce

74% of consumers rely on social networks to make purchases, so it makes sense for Facebook and Instagram to integrate shoppable posts. You see a post featuring an item you like with a direct link to purchase. How great is that?

While this feature has been around for a bit, it’s been gaining traction with more and more entrepreneurs and big-name brands, making it easier for consumers to purchase. Try it out for yourself!

Using AR Filters

We can blame Tik Tok for this one. Snapchat featured filters and then Instagram blew it up with popularity. Everything has a filter or some sort of AR that does things like making flowers or stars float around an item you’re featuring for sale. It’s fun, interactive, and entertaining to say the least. And now, Instagram has allowed anyone and everyone to create their own filters. See how it works out for your shop’s items!

Going Live

Did you know that one in five Facebook live broadcasts reach over one million viewers? People love inside looks into what businesses are doing behind the scenes. It’s much more intriguing than a simple post. In addition to featuring a more in-depth look with live videos, social media platforms alert audiences when a business goes live. Your feed can also be promoted to reach more people. It’s a perk worth taking advantage of!

Advocating for Good Causes

Speaking up and speaking out is important. Whether it’s for political, non-profit, or promotional reasons, don’t be afraid to use your brand to advocate or bring attention to a movement or cause that benefits many in a positive way. We saw this with many major brands in 2020 and we’ll surely continue to see this method grow in 2021 with smaller businesses. 

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