5 Great Content Ideas to Increase Engagement on Facebook

We all engage with each other on Facebook by clicking on articles, tagging friends and family, sharing videos and pictures, and by scrolling and liking posts. The more engagement your posts receive, the more visible your content and page will be. When others do the same with your posts, it keeps the ball rolling. 

It’s easy to be the person who engages, but what if you’re the one looking to get people to engage? What are the secrets to creating click-worthy Facebook posts? Here are five engagement post ideas for Facebook that have worked for our clients and can work for you!

Ask Questions

Did you know that the average person scrolls through 300 feet of mobile content daily on Facebook? With so much content, how is your business supposed to stand out?

Ask a question!

Seems simple enough, right? Well, it works! Your question can request feedback, advice, or recommendations. We’ve done this for our clients Explore McAllen and Delia’s, just to name a few. For Explore, we asked for some restaurants in McAllen, TX to showcase and why. For Delia’s, we asked their audience what their favorite tamale was. The amount of engagement we got was astounding!

Create Polls

Polls and voting are fun, especially when you have a strong audience or an audience that feels passionate about something. For Delia’s, we wanted to take it a step further by asking their audience which of the following tamales was best:

  • Chicken tamales
  • Pork tamales
  • Bean tamales
  • Sweet tamales

It was great to see the engagement that resulted, and it gave us an idea of which types of polls to use in the future to get more and more people involved!

Tag Others

Tagging creates instant awareness because people call on others to your post. On a particularly fun Delia’s post, we shared a picture of an order of tamales that read, “Tag someone, and if they don’t respond in five minutes, they owe you an order of tamales!” We reached over 5,000 people and gained 488 engagements and 56 tags! Now, if those friends followed through with an order, then we created business for Delia’s!

Reshare User-Generated Content

Want to give your followers a reason to post about your brand? Try resharing user-generated content! This is a simple way to build social interaction and encourages fans to advocate for your brand. Every time a customer or follower posts about your product or leaves a review, you can repurpose this user-generated content by publishing it on your own Facebook feed. 

The more you do this, the more likely others will, too! We often do this with clients like Avalon Spa and Salon, Chorizo de San Manuel, Explore McAllen, and Delia’s. We’ll share user-generated content like photos and videos posted by their customers. It encourages others to do the same!

Create Promotions/Contests

If you really want to create buzz or start growing a following, then give some stuff away if you can! After all, everyone loves free things. When we create promotions for Delia’s, people will go crazy by commenting, tagging others, and sharing the post. Try it for yourself!

Let’s Engage!

At Imagine It Studios, we always delve deeper into what makes a social media brand successful. It’s more than just sharing pictures and videos; it’s about creating connections with your audience. We build brands, from website creation to social media management, so let’s get to know each other. Reach out to us to get started!