5 More Social Media Trends That Will Make Strides in 2021!

Social media has become a powerhouse of success for small businesses, and in 2021, making strides with your campaign looks good, but only if you utilize a few strategies. In a previous blog, we covered this topic at length and decided to extend that list with five more trends! Check it out below.

Unique Content

The need to stand out on social media is monumental. Nothing is more unique than being yourself and it’s what audiences connect with most. For example, with our client, Chorizo de San Manuel, we always highlight their products in their posts. We know, doing that seems like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised by how many businesses post and share topics, news, and more that have nothing to do with their brand.

Personalized Marketing Tactics

Our social media strategists know that personalized marketing is key and prevalent now more than ever. People want something on social media that resonates with them, and this is where personalized marketing comes in. It involves designing advertisements for specific audiences to quickly grab and hold their attention.

Conversation Marketing

Alongside personalized marketing, conversational marketing can also create engagement and drive sales. Customer service intertwines with social media. Gone are the days of going to a store to ask questions or expressing concerns now that social media exists. You can now do this from the comfort of home through your phone, tablet, etc.

Take, for example, our well-known client, Delia’s. In 2018, they served over two million tamales! This meant that many were asking questions about hours of operation, order validations, holiday orders, and more. These questions, more often than not, get directed to the fastest and easiest form of communication with a business – through social media!


Traditional radio was a competitor to social media, but podcasting can be a supporting strategy! Live podcasting through social media can work hand-in-hand to promote topics to drive sales. And now with over 50% of Americans tuning into podcasts according to Statista.com, and Twitter purchasing a podcast media company, social media and podcasting can work for you!

Viral Marketing

Everyone wants to go viral, and our social media strategists have done this with some clients! From Explore McAllen’s 213,000+ views on the La Plaza Mall expansion to Delia’s recent San Antonio location opening post with 619,000+ views, our team has the experience in creating sharable and viral posts. Work with us to see what we can do for your brand!

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing in McAllen!

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