4 Social Media Mistakes That Can Cost You Customers and Your Reputation

Social media can be a whirlwind of an experience if you’re trying to build your brand. When starting, it can be overwhelming if you have no idea what to post, when to post, how to engage with potential customers, how to respond to tough questions and comments, and how to elevate your brand. 

Businesses can make it big on any social media platform, and you can say that we have some experience doing that. We’d like to go over four mistakes many business owners make on social media that can cost them customers and their reputation.  

Going Off-Topic

As a business, you’re also a brand and need to stay on target. Avoid personal topics, politics, and starting drama with other brands or people. Doing any of these, although they might get you a few followers and interactions, will also certainly drive away many more. In the past, we’ve seen larger brands flub their social media presence after posting some questionable things, so it’s best to be safe and stay on target with your brand’s mission. 

Sporadic or Inconsistent Posting

This is one we see quite often. A business will start strong with their social media presence, but after a few weeks or months, will begin to ease with their posting to the point that followers and customers will lose interest. Remember that you’re creating a bond with your audience, and they want to hear from you. We know that social media can be time-consuming, so why not have us take care of it for you? 

Lack of Interactions

This one hurts us to the core. Imagine a business posting an event and its audience getting excited, tagging friends, and leaving comments. Now imagine that same business not responding to questions, reacting to comments, or even following up with news about said event. Social media is meant to be social! Always interact with your audience when they show interest in your posts. 

Buying Followers and/or Comments

This is a big no-no! Buying followers and/or comments may give you instant gratification, but it will not guarantee you success. It can hinder your reach and analytics, and Instagram can even ban your account! Rather than throwing your money away on fake followers and comments, properly invest it on boosting posts, creating ads, and generating an organic audience. 

Let’s Build Your Social Media Presence! 

Whether you’re new to social media or need help with it, know that we’ve grown the presence on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for various clients! 

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