Strong SEO: 3 Things You Should be Doing to Stay High in the Rankings

Have you decided to take on the world of SEO on your own to get your small- or medium-sized business high in the rankings? We won’t lie. Ranking high on Google is tough, but with our McAllen digital marketing agency on your side, you’ll be setting your digital footprint in no time!

If, on the other hand, you decide to tackle SEO on your own, know that you’ll be in for a whole set of hurdles. We want to go over three things that you should be doing to maintain a high ranking. 

Write Often

Adding blogs and/or articles to your site that focuses on your company’s products and services is important. Even more important is writing content that’s relevant and informative. This means adding content that visitors will find interesting and engaging. Never write for the sake of writing because your bounce rate (the rate someone spends on a webpage and suddenly leaves) will be too high. Remember, you’ll want to keep people on your website for as long as possible. 

Add Pages

Adding new pages for products and services and landing pages can help keep your SEO game strong. These pages will have more relevancy since they’ll pop up in a Google search for anyone searching for a specific term. This is extremely helpful if you offer products and services in an industry that’s highly competitive. Add these pages every so often to stay ahead.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Going off of our previous point, if you’re looking to build your website through the occasional addition of pages, NEVER duplicate your content. We mean literally copying and pasting what you’ve written for previous pages and only changing a word here and there. Google will immediately catch onto this and said page will not rank well. Keep your content and SEO unique. 

We’re Ready to Help!

If SEO sounds like too much of a challenge, then let us handle it! SEO in McAllen should be taken care of by a proven company that’s been in digital marketing for a long time. Contact Imagine It Studios today to learn how we can help you or for more information on our other services.