How You Should Adjust Your Marketing Plan During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The last few weeks have been rough on small- to medium-sized business owners. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders to keep us all safe have caused a large downturn in shopping. Many businesses, however, have adopted curbside service and online shipping. If your business has hit a snag but is still operating, then it’s important to implement a few important practices to ensure that your customer base doesn’t shrink.

Stay Connected on Social Media

Like any business nowadays, you should have at least a Facebook account for yours. If you do, you’re already on your way to keeping a close connection with your customers. You’ve probably been inundated with dozens of questions over the past few weeks about your hours, if you offer curbside service, and/or if you’ll be reopening soon. The best thing to do is to answer these questions as best and honestly as you can. Never ignore your customer’s questions.

Show your customers that you’re doing your best to keep your products as clean as possible before selling them off. You can also do live streams where you answer questions in real-time and assure customers that you’re still there for them. Marketing yourself through social media in periods of business uncertainty is extremely important!

If Possible, Increase Your Focus on Online Interactions

Many people are working from home now, meaning that they’re undoubtedly spending a lot more time online than they normally would. This is your time to shine! As we mentioned above, show your products off through social media, upload videos onto your website or social media, and come up with some content that highlights how you’re handing the COVID-19 situation for your customers.

Let Us Help You!

If your business needs some help keeping up with its digital marketing needs during this time, then we want to help. Our digital marketing company in McAllen wants to step in and lead you down the right path toward online success! Contact us today to learn how we can do that!