My Brush with Death

People often say your life flashes before your eyes the moment you’re face-to-face with death. They say you’ll feel the warm embrace of your lost loved ones and see their faces, vividly, as you start to slip away. Some claim to have re-experienced the most meaningful moments of their life, such as their first kiss, their child’s birth or their…first job interview, or whatever. For me, however, it was quite the opposite.

Despite my brush with death, our team is always ready to help put your company on the digital map!

Two-Wheeled Danger

It all started when Katherine and I were bicycling our way back to our houses from work. It was like any other day, really. The Valley sun was relentlessly searing my skin to a darker shade of Mexican, drivers kept jeering and Katherine, staying true to tradition, was pedaling with the intensity of a sloth.

After a few blocks, we got to Katherine’s house and I was left to fend for myself, but I was not afraid. You see, I’m known as the best cyclist in my extremely-small circle of non-cycling friends. However, fate was about to throw a curveball at me in the shape of a vehicle.

I Close My Eyes…

I won’t go into detail about the crash (mostly because I don’t remember much of it) but the things I saw as I walked into the light will never be forgotten. Upon falling to the ground, bloody, bruised and broken, I began to imagine the impact of my loss in the lives of others.

Surely, Imagine It Studios would be left in shambles after a beloved and integral member of the team perished. I saw the tears of my coworkers, flowing furiously, after learning the terrible news. My boss, mighty as he is, would sob and raise his fists, cursing into the sky and wondering why death had taken away the Mick Jagger to his Rolling Stones.

Life would be endlessly bleaker at Imagine It Studios. No longer would my coworkers’ days be brightened by my presence and our radio, accustomed to playing happy tunes, would forever play “Dust in the Wind” on repeat.

Wipe Your Tears

Fortunately, for everyone, I survived my brush with death. I attribute this to my optimum physique, yet most people at the office claim you can’t die from bumping into a car and falling down. Despite the apparent lack of concern, my coworkers helped me get through my injuries. JoAnn gave me some ointment for my scraped knee and Shelby bit her lip to match my lip cut as a show of solidarity.

Whatever the true circumstance behind my accident, it was great to see my coworkers support and help me pull through. That’s just how we do at Imagine It Studios, and you can be sure we’d do the same for you and your company. If you’re ready to drive your business to success with our talent, hard work and effectiveness, give us a shout. Our McAllen office is always ready to give you the best digital marketing services we have to offer.