Social Buying: Building a Larger Clientele with Instagram’s Shopping Feature

In digital marketing, we’re always aiming to encourage as much engagement as possible through various social media channels on behalf of our clients. But, as with any industry, times and techniques change. And when they do, we’re always ready to adapt.

You can imagine our excitement when social media giant Instagram announced a new feature in March that allows users to purchase products directly from brands without having to leave the app. As a small- or medium-sized business owner, imagine the possibilities of clients and followers having the opportunity to purchase directly through your Instagram posts!

An Easy-to-Use Feature

The “checkout” feature is easy-to-use and very convenient. If you see a post with an item you like, a shopping tag will appear after tapping the photo that allows you to see the item’s price. Clicking on the tag then invites you to choose the type of product (size, color, etc.) before checking out through Instagram.

For you business owners, the convenience of doing this eliminates the need to provide a link to your site directly. Just let the consumer click their way until they’re ready to purchase from you. Although a consumer is less likely to visit your website by checking out through Instagram, you’ll still be making a sale and adding a new client to your list!

A Changing Landscape

On April 30, Instagram announced that influencers and creators will soon have the opportunity to take advantage of this new feature. This means that if one of these creators, influencers, or even a regular customer is wearing your clothing line or using one of your products, they can simply tag the item and you in the photo, allowing users to click and purchase the item. Instagram will also allow sales and clicks to be available to those who post shopping tags.

Carmen, our social media director, had this to say about the feature.

“It’s instant gratification! Instagram is now providing an uninterrupted experience for the user; a 1, 2 shopping moment where you see something you want on a post and can immediately buy it. No exiting from the app. It also further motivates brands to capitalize on influencers and, more importantly, allows them to directly measure that ROI.”

Start Selling on Social!

If you own a business that needs a strong social presence, then we’re here for you. Our social media strategists are always on top of the goings-on in the industry, so you can bet that you’ll get the results you need to make a strong social footprint. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.