Refresh Your Website in 2022 with these 4 RGV Web Design Tips!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to review your website and ensure it is up-to-date. Your website serves as the digital face to your brand where customers can engage, shop, and learn more about what your business has to offer. Our McAllen marketing team has provided a guide on how to refresh your website for a more successful and engaging year.

Modernize Your Website Design

It’s important to keep up with the times! If you want to freshen up your web design in McAllen, start with:

  • Switching up your graphics.
  • Updating your navigational tools.
  • Keeping your website design simple, open, and clear.

Update Your Content

Website content is the one of the pillars to showcasing your brand’s voice. Be sure to update content by:

  • Including calls to action to urge your customer to purchase your services or products.
  • Rethinking your content strategy and consider republishing or rewriting website pages.
  • Telling your brand’s story and give insight to your company’s journey, and other customer’s experiences with you.

“De-cluttering is always a good place to start. Less is more in a digital space. When too many things are piled onto a site, it clouds the user’s experience and may de-rail your potential customer to leave your site if they cannot find what they were searching for easily.”

  • Belinda Gonzalez, Web and Graphic Designer

Add Widgets and Web Tools

There are more ways to refresh your website other than updating a site’s design. Adding widgets and web tools, such as an events calendar or a live chat feature improves your website’s visual elements for a more engaging experience with customers.

Prioritize Website Maintenance

Make sure to update your website by allowing for website maintenance. One way is to rebuild your SEO strategy from front to end. You can also:

  • Repair broken links.
  • Implement cybersecurity.
  • Check up on your website speed.
  • Ensure your website design is good for mobile phones as well as desktop.

“Simple things like rearranging photos, updating ‘years in business,’ and updating pricing can give your website a whole new look. Also, like a car, keeping up with your website maintenance and updates will keep it running fast and smooth for years to come.”

  • Bradley Gamboa, Lead Web Developer

Our Web Design Team Can Help You!

Our digital marketing team in McAllen has helped clients create sleek and modern websites for our clients! Don’t forget to reach out to us online to learn more!