General Dentistry Centers: A Beautiful Website That Will Make You Smile

Around 30 to 40 million Americans avoid visiting a dentist out of anxiety and fear. In order to break this stigma, General Dentistry Centers came to us with one mission: update and make their website reflect the friendly and professional atmosphere that has made them so successful. We were more than happy to take on the challenge, and in the end, we delivered satisfactory results.

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A Winning Look

Much like someone’s smile, one of the first things people notice when searching for a company online is its website’s beauty. Our web designers knew that inviting colors and an easier interface were essential. But, like with any project, there were challenges.

“They had a very outdated website, but had some elements and colors that set me in a direction to succeed design-wise. The blue and green wave at the top of the page was heavily inspired by a graphic they already had. Everything was going smoothly until it came time to pick out pictures,” said Jaime Villagomez, our web designer.

“People really fear the tools at the dentist’s office, so finding the right pictures was a timely task. GDC and our team were on the same page when creating the perfect tone, and through research and evaluation, we achieved a great end result with inviting and friendly pictures,” he continued.

“Our main goal with the site was to feature the “end product” of a visit to the dentist and attempt to avoid focusing on the procedures themselves,” said lead developer Cesar Gonzalez.

With great communication between GDC and our talented design team, the website came to life. “They really should be credited as the MVP of this project because they always had positive feedback and notes to make this a really great working experience,” Jaime concluded.

Focusing On Your Vision

While GDC is focused on helping clients smile, our team is constantly working to make our own clients do the same with a user-friendly and inviting website. It’s what we are passionate about.

If your website needs an update or refreshing look, then we want to help. Our talented team of content creators and web designers can take your online vision and bring it to life. If you’re ready to set yourself apart from the competition, give us a call at 956.687.1521 or visit our McAllen office today!