The Power of Public Figures and Influencers on Your Brand

If you aren’t living under a rock, then chances are you’ve seen celebrities pitching a product of some sort. Nowadays, this strategy extends beyond celebrities, and “influencers” are getting in on the action. You can find influencers all over social media, and companies are hiring them to showcase their brands. And, with many companies doing this, we should assume by now that celebs and influencers are a sure-fire way of blowing up a brand’s popularity, right?

Public Figures

Picture this: it’s the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship Game, which Coca-Cola sponsors. Portugal just defeated Hungary 3-0. After the game, dozens of media heads are patiently awaiting Portugal’s forward (and arguably most popular player), Cristiano Ronaldo, to give a post-game press conference.

Ronaldo settles into his seat as the photographers viciously snap away. In front of him is a table, microphone, and two bottles of Coca-Cola. Ronaldo removes the bottles, picks up his water bottle, and yells, “Agua!”

Now, you might be thinking it was no big deal, right?

Well, it was.

Coca-Cola’s stock plummeted by four billion dollars and inspired a meme that spread like wildfire.

Hiring Celebrities and Influencers

Ronaldo wasn’t hired by anyone to do what he did, but that situation could’ve had a drastically different outcome if he was. Coca-Cola will recover, but that incident made headlines and parody videos. It’s on the internet forever. So, if one public figure can make this big of an impact on a business, then celebrities and influencers can do the same for yours.

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