Simple Plan To Get The Word Out On Your Business

How can I use Facebook to get my word out?

It’s not rocket surgery (to quote John)…you need to get the word out.  Tell your customers that you DO have a Facebook page (or what ever the social media flavor of the month is).  Look at where people can interact with you.  Tag the bottom of your emails, post the links on your website, and have your team mention it when they interact with customers.  If you own a restaurant it only takes two seconds to have a cashier say something along the lines of “Hey! Follow us on Facebook (and or) Twitter.” You’d be surprised who’ll follow you.  You may want to even do something special online to shake things up.

Schedule Your Social Media

If you’re producing videos /blog posts you can use a scheduling program (such as PING.FM) to get the job done.  Just use your head when it comes to this.  If you’re going to check out for a few days (hit the beach or feed the Las Vegas economy) make sure you are open and honest.  If your auto post program posts a question and people answer it….you’re not going to be around to carry on that conversation.  You’d think it’s a pretty straight forward process, but as you follow social media….you’ll see that this happens all the time.

“Talk To Me Goose”.  Engage with your customers

Answer your Email!  Business should engage with their customers as quickly as they can.  Set up a goal if you have to.   We’re all bombarded by requests for information and it usually comes in waves so many people won’t expect you to get back to them.  To Borrow a phrase from Tony Hsieh, “Deliver WOW Through Service.”  Get back to them as quickly as you can.  You’d be surprised.

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