My Modeling Career

Nothing strikes fear in my stone-cold heart as much as facing a camera. It’s embarrassing, really. Point a lens in my general direction and I cower in terror. Either I’ll stealthily shimmy away from the shot, hide behind another enthusiastic subject or begin sweating profusely when there’s no escape.

It all gets worse if I absolutely have to take a picture. Questions such as: “Do I flash a yellow smile?”, “Should I seal my mouth and look angry?” or “What do I do with my hands?” immediately run through my head. In the end, the product is the same; an unflattering picture of a man, too indecisive to look even somewhat attractive.

Despite my faults as a subject for photographers, my employers have deemed it fit to nominate me for a modeling position for a clothing store. This client has sought our help in solidifying their social media presence and I know our team will go out of their way to make it happen, yet I really wish they had picked a more photogenic person for this role. But they didn’t, and just like that, my fears became part of the job.

But Why Male Models?

Some people fall under the glass-half-full category, whereas others glare at their complacency. Me? I’m usually just glad I even have a glass, which explains my current situation: trying to make the most of my new modeling career.

After I was given my task, I sought the help of the big guns. First, I spoke to Katherine, our content manager, about taking on the role of my manager and financial advisor. She instantly agreed and immediately began drawing up a contract. My demands are simple and focus on not letting my newfound fame get to my head. They include:

A constant food supply. Although, it can’t be too much, according to Katherine, since I don’t want to risk becoming a plus-size model.
Frequent trips to Ibiza; however, we’re willing to accept a day at South Padre Island or even the shores of the Rio Grande Valley.
A new Windex bottle to clean our desks. The sauce and candy stains are making it too hard to stay productive.

Jacks of all Trades

At our office, you’ll often find our group running from room to room, taking on every and any imaginable task. Whether it’s a shy person putting on the sales mask or an introvert stepping up to the plate during meetings, we can do it all. I’ve learned that working at a marketing agency allows us to wear multiple hats at any given time. Doing so takes us out of our comfort zones and into territories where we learn, grow and become a more efficient team.

Only time will tell how my modeling career will turn out, but in the meantime, I’ll keep writing, organizing and doing everything else I’m allowed to do. And I find purpose in knowing that my friends (coworkers) will work just as hard. The truth is I’d rather not have a camera take part of my soul every time it flashes, but at Imagine It Studios, we’re all about taking one for the team.


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