5 Ways our Videos Go Viral on Social Media

What is the magic success that dictates what material will reach the masses? Lucky for you, we have years of social media experience, McAllen advertising, and RGV web design! We have found steady viral success with viral marketing and these five main ideas. See how you can go viral on social media.

Have you ever found yourself talking to your friend, coworker, or family member about a video you saw? Maybe it was a cute dog video or some embarrassing story someone shared, or a new food you saw in a major city.

  • All creators or entrepreneurs aspire to make viral videos.
  • Viral videos are everywhere; they hit locally, internationally, or within communities.
  • Whether you’re an influencer or a business, going viral can make or break a product, idea, or movement.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing, defined by Sprout Social, is “a style of promotion that relies on an audience to organically generate and push the message of a product or service.” Media published on any social media platform does not guarantee that it will go viral, making this strategy unpredictable.

1. First Looks / Sneak Peaks

This is the big winner 90% of the time for us. Everyone wants to know the newest places in town, a new dish, or an upcoming event. This strategy is usually an easy winner to go viral. The trick is to be one of the first to get the scoop.

Look at our client – Explore McAllen. We are usually the first to get sneak peeks or exclusives. Behind-the-scenes footage can lead to viral videos across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

2. Memes / Pop Culture References

Who doesn’t love humor? Parodies, enacting memes, and comedy sketches, all these strategies have a higher percentage of going viral, especially if it’s a concept that is trending.

Delia’s, another one of our clients, is an account that we like to make pop culture references or memes. It’s a massive hit with their audience; they even make their memes! We published a catchy title and a lesser-known fact about tamales if you need to get more familiar with them. On TikTok, it reached 105K with 865 reactions & comments. 

3. Engagement

Whether it be bonding over music or activities, people like to be involved, and the online world is no different. Engagement develops stronger bonds with your target audience and can assist in going viral.

This strategy for Explore McAllen’s Food Madness was different in that we wanted the campaign to take off from our promo videos.

Food Madness is our local food competition where online users can vote for their favorite restaurant. In our first year, we had all the voting tallied from our social media resulting in over 47K votes from all our promo videos!

4. Repurposing Social Content

Taking a look back at content is crucial. It allows you to see what kind of content works for your audience. But what most people need to realize is that it also serves as new content.

Reworking old content, whether it be editing it differently or sticking to the same theme or idea, your old content indicates what worked in the past and has a higher potential in working for the future.

Chorizo San Manuel – We had a user-generated content piece of video. It was a great video on making a chorizo burger. We posted it; it had strong engagement and reach. So we re-edited it, making it shorter, and added new music while crediting our users. What happened?

VIRALNESS. Our re-edited video reached 281K users with 9.8 reactions.

5. Promos

Now this is a solid strategy. Promos are huge! Everyone loves a great deal, and with promos, you can be as creative as you need. Promos can catch people’s attention quickly, whether it be a skit, an influencer, or whatever your creative strategy is.

The best example is Delia’s promo for National Tamale Day, where customers bought one dozen tamales and got 1/2 dozen regular tamales for free. This video garnered over 35K views, over 1K in shares, and over 800 comments and reactions.

Go Viral on Social Media

We like to think we know a thing or two about social media. But don’t take our word for it; look at our client list. From restaurants to spas, we have a variety of clients under our belt for whom we have done McAllen advertising, RGV web design, and digital marketing.

If you’re interested in social media or want to discuss how our digital McAllen Advertising team can grow your business online, contact us here!