5 Social Media Tips That Can Have People Noticing Your Business

Social media is a black hole of businesses, entertainment and news outlets reaching for our attention at all times. This endless tug of war for likes, retweets, shares and follows can seem daunting to any new business owner. Set your worries aside because we’ve put together five important tips that can help businesses garner likes, followers and gain a steady consumer base.

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Be Generous with Your “Likes”

On social media, be generous with your “likes”. As a business, if you see something you like, then let everyone see it! There’s nothing like getting a notification that a status of yours has been liked or shared by someone. What if someone sees that a business has shared their post or liked one of their photos? Ideally, they will then look at your page, research your product and may end up following your business. For every three to five likes your page hands out, you may receive one follower.

Tip: When liking people’s comments, posts and pictures, make sure to like things relevant to your business or product. Don’t like random posts. By liking relevant posts, the percentage of people who may follow you back increases.

Post Visual Content

Considering that 65% of people are visual learners and that presentations with visual aids are 43% more persuasive, it makes sense to use pictures for your posts. There are a lot of businesses on Twitter that post great information, but consumers want to see their items. Followers want creativity through memes, gifs and pictures. This allows your brand’s personality to flow through the screen, capturing more likes and potential followers.

Tip: Use pictures, memes, and gifs for 95% of your posts on Twitter and Facebook. And, of course, make them relevant, intriguing and creative.

Don’t Link Your Accounts

This one is a major factor in your social media efforts. We see a lot of Twitter accounts linked to Facebook, Instagram accounts or a combination of them all. These platforms are not the same and when linked, posts don’t always translate the same to all. A great picture on Instagram is just a link that no one will click on Twitter. Divide your efforts evenly across all social media channels.

Tip: UNLINK THEM ALL! Consider making a few different posts on each platform. They will entice audiences to want see your other social media channels.

Hashtag Heaven

Facebook isn’t focused primarily on hashtags but Instagram and Twitter are. For these platforms, hashtags are key. Hashtags can be used for comedic purposes or to start a unique trend. You can search popular hashtags that will show you their popularity. Twitter has a feature on its dashboard that allows you to see top trending tags. On Instagram, through search, you can find local and popular hashtags. These tags on both platforms allow you to garner different audiences and stay relevant with social events.

Tip: Research popular hashtags in your area. Use city hashtags, relevant hashtags and throw in some comedic ones too!

Monitor, Search and Observe

Are you not garnering likes? What about followers? Depending on your methods, you might have to tweak your messages or scrap them altogether. It will take a trial and error exercise to capture a steady fanbase. You are going to have to work it all out with planning and constant analysis through available analytics. This takes monitoring and tedious searching. Look for other like-minded businesses to find what’s working for them. Are they garnering likes? Are they getting comments? What are they doing that you aren’t? Observe and take notes.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to try different approaches. Look for other similar businesses and see what works for them. Find inspiration and make it your own.

We Can Help

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