Boost Your Business Presence Online with 3 Strategic Places for your SEO Keywords

Finding the right balance in your strategy for SEO, or rather, search engine optimization in McAllen can be difficult for business owners to do while managing their own business. It’s why you need a team of experts to help you create that strategy. Our digital marketing agency in McAllen can help!  We offer three places to use keywords the right way to help your business gain online traffic, leads, and sales.

Share Keywords in Titles and Meta Descriptions

One of the best places to set your keywords in titles and meta descriptions. As our team explains it:

“By including the SEO term into the title tags of web pages, these pages can be identified by search engines much easier. It’s also helpful to include them into the metadata of web pages to further make the connection of what the website is about and how the consumer can find it.”

– Belinda Gonzalez, Web and Graphic Designer

“The key to success with SEO for me always starts with the end-user in mind. Once you have an idea of how you would like your user to find you, work backward and make sure that all your basics of SEO are in place at each step.”

– Roland Hernandez, Social Media Strategist

Content is the Best Place for Keywords

Using the best keywords is crucial to creating a successful content strategy for your website. How often, where, and what keywords you use can make or break your SEO strategy.

  • Use terms that your audience is looking for.
  • Place different keywords specific to each post.
  • Write keywords into the first sentences and vary them throughout.

“It is important to write content using keywords, phrases, or answers to questions people are searching for. This is one of the many things that will help your website rank better on search engines.”

– Bradley Gamboa, Lead Web Developer

Tips to Place Keywords in Social Media

Use keywords in social media throughout updates, hashtags, and social profiles for branding. As our social media manager best explains it:

“A great marketing strategy doesn’t separate SEO and social media anymore. Social media indirectly influences your SEO and with the right strategy can have a positive effect on search ranking. Think of it this way: You write a blog, optimize it on your site, share it on social, and it goes viral. Going viral creates a collective shared link. Reactions, comments, and shares increase your content visibility and SEO ranking. A unified marketing strategy incorporates the right hashtags, keywords, and content calendar aligned with your social media and SEO.”

– Clair Martinez, Social Media Manager

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization in McAllen

Our digital marketing team in McAllen has worked with many clients to improve their web search results with the best SEO strategies. Check out our portfolio and see our work for yourself! Reach out to us online to learn more!