SEO and the Whole Shebang

Although the practice of search engine optimization has been around for nearly two decades, the tactics used by marketers in recent years has changed drastically. SEO is not just about providing links and text with no substance anymore. A shift in what consumers are actually expecting from their brand is evident in search engines, like Google and Bing, and is forcing online marketing experts across the globe to increase their efforts. Simply said, people want more substantial content. They want to access information that feels like it has been well researched and thought out. Creating more diversified content that is relevant to the target audience is a new trend that is making public relations gurus and other communications professionals rethink their current relationship building strategies between brands and their audiences.

It’s All in the Mix

Aside from link building, SEO experts have to constantly put out a mix of quality content. High-quality blogs and articles, press releases, mobile apps and plenty of social media updates add usability and strengthen communication between your company and your audience. This strategy guarantees that when someone goes to your page, they will stay, not only because you were the first link to appear in their search, but because of the compelling and informational content you maintain on your site. The integration of useful and relevant content increases online visibility and is favorable for your audience and search engines alike. Optimizing your website for search engines also optimizes a users’ online experience. Search engines are developing more every year and cater to what people value most. To keep your website at the top of every search, invest your efforts in generating well-written, quality content across multiple channels. Focus on sending your message to your audience in a way that will appeal to them.

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