Market Big for Your Small Business

As a small business, becoming a prominent part of the community is necessary to maintain a steady business flow.  This notion should be considered the same online.  Creating an unavoidable presence in online communities will do plenty for the success of your business.

There are many social media sites that allow businesses to interact with potential customers and clients.  Which ones are right for your business?

  • Facebook – This is an obvious choice.  With millions of active users logging on daily, there’s no telling how many people can be reached from your Facebook page.
  • Twitter – Within the last year, Twitter has really gained some momentum.  Twitter offers a great marketing stage for businesses of all types.  Companies use Twitter to interact quickly with their clientele, and it is made easy by using desktop and mobile applications, like TweetDeck.
  • LinkedIn – Though this site is used more for professional networking, it offers businesses the opportunity to display recommendations from users.  On LinkedIn people can be part of groups, and targeting the right groups can promote your business to the right audience.
  • Foursquare – This is a fun one.  On Foursquare, people can check in to restaurants, stores, events and more.  Businesses on Foursquare often offer specials or treats when people check into their establishment.  This encourages people to come back.

Here’s to the Underdogs

There is an essentially exhaustive list of social media platforms for businesses to promote themselves on.  These are just a few of the leaders.  Blogging, posting videos and interacting on these sites are all tools you need to really make your business stand out.  As a small business, it can be a little tougher to get your name out there, but the locals will keep coming in if you stay consistent.

Imagine It Studios in McAllen offers SEO marketing strategy, web design and social media account management.  Contact us at 956.687.1521 for help creating and maintaining your business’s online presence. 

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