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SEO, aka search engine optimization, has been around for almost 20 years. However, not too many people know its purpose let alone process. Search engine optimization does exactly what its title declares. When someone searches a couple of keywords on Google, they expect a list of results. This is where an effective SEO recipe comes in. Those first few results on page one of Google are sitting pretty, but why?

Here at Imagine It Studios in McAllen, our SEO team focuses on optimizing search engine for our clients. With a quarter of a billion websites active on the Internet, it’s important to make yours stand out. How do we do that?

By implementing key verbiage and other SEO ingredients, your website will be optimized to stand out among the millions of others. Selling delicious burgers in your hip new McAllen restaurant? Tell the Rio Grande Valley by getting to page one on Google.

Choose a website domain (URL) your audience will remember and click on. Also, be wary of the name you choose and remember itsalloneword (dot) com.

SEO brings new visitors to any site. If you’re looking to increase clientele, SEO will attract online users to your site. Getting exposed is a huge part of the game. Making sure your site looks good is the next step.

SEO can take you a long way, but if your site isn’t user friendly or attractive, you’re not letting it do its job as best it can. Make sure your content is organized, information is updated and your layout attractive. Whoever said looks don’t matter was not talking about the Internet.

Businesses start up every day and setting yours apart is necessary to keep it running. Contact Imagine It Studios in McAllen for SEO and web design that will catapult your business to position one, page one on Google. Call our team at 956-687-1521.

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