When the Cats Are Away… (Insert Cliché Here)

Life as the boss of a digital marketing agency can be full of difficult and stressful situations. You’ll often find yourself trying to manage a myriad of projects all at once and sometimes worry over looming and important deadlines. Every once in a while, however, you’ll take lengthy trips to fancy European destinations and send pictures of seemingly-delicious Italian meals to your employees, just to rub it in.

For about two weeks, our beloved boss and his spouse left the safety of our humble little office to seek adventures on the other side of the Atlantic. As it’s to be expected, their leave was met with dismay and our workforce was left in a state of misery.

At First We Were Afraid, We Were Petrified

The first day after our boss’s departure was the hardest Monday of that first week. Like every single day of my employment at Imagine It Studios, I arrived early. However, there was something in the air that morning that instantly saddened me. The sight of our boss’s empty desk and the realization that it would remain that way for what later felt like a millennia would have brought a tear to my eye if I hadn’t been distracted by another, more depressing thought.

Nearly two hours of working diligently at the office and I remained the only one there. This made my imagination go wild with scary thoughts. Was this some cruel joke? Were my coworkers in danger? Had I been forgotten in what was supposed to be an office trip? Had my coworker Michael walked in at that time and informed me that it was in fact 8 a.m. and not 10, I would have gone mad. Either way, I blamed my lack of time awareness on our boss’s absence.

We Will Survive

They say some people resort to eating heavily when faced with emotional distress, and they’re correct. In the days that followed our boss’s parting, our food intake increased tenfold. Of course, we didn’t go on two-hour lunches twice a day or take 10-minute long snack breaks. What I will embarrassingly admit is the fact that our bodies began to show signs of obesity. Comfortable and more spacious desk chairs have since been ordered.

In an attempt to prevent our bodies from turning into mush, the office health nut, JoAnn, decided to set up a basket for everyone to bring fruits to snack on. While setting this whole thing up took several hours of our day and lengthy resting periods, the idea was scrapped after we admitted our dislike of fruits. Some may call this wasted time. We agree.

Keeping On

It’s true, we may have slacked a bit while the bosses were away, but with heavy hearts and teary eyes, we managed to complete our tasks. It was difficult, really, because how do you live on without the guidance of your cherished leader? I think I speak for each one of my coworkers when I say there is no easy answer for that question, but we miraculously powered through.

Deadlines were met, content was compiled and our workforce remained productive and effective through those turbulent times. Since our boss’s return, we’ve been a happy bunch. Now that our team is whole again, we’ll keep making strides in the digital marketing world.



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