Why Video May Become a Big Player in the Digital Marketing Game

We all love a good underdog story. We cheered for Rudy when he finally made it onto the field for the Fighting Irish, and jumped for joy when Rocky put up the fight of his life. Now, video, the little guy in the digital marketing game, has the potential to become a crowd favorite. It’s time for the underdog to bring its skills into every company’s court. So, what are the reasons behind this big change?

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What to Consider

In the last few years, companies such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube have slowly put up some major competition against cable companies. This means television and radio money will eventually find itself syphoned into online video advertising.

According to Cisco, 68% of all consumer content will consist of video by 2017. This means companies will be able to use streaming websites and their own embedded videos to take advantage of the growth of video promotion.

To be fair, as of now, video marketing is far from the giant compared to other digital marketing avenues. However, those willing to take the initial plunge can pave the way for engaging marketing content and improved video quality.

Video Wins!

What does video have that other avenues don’t? For starters, the viral nature of a video can be a huge plus for any company. One of Volkswagen’s recent campaigns saw three of their videos accumulate a combined 155 million views! If your company has yet to reach the sheer size and fame of Volkswagen’s, don’t be discouraged.

Video’s natural shareability can potentially allow your company to engage and connect with your audience in a new and refreshing way while keeping them on your website longer. Additionally, apps such as Vine and Instagram will allow companies a free platform to share their videos without having to be a technical video production wizard.

Play the Game

The digital marketing game is constantly changing and expanding the court, so it’s important that you’re there to make the play. Need a little help? Don’t worry, the digital marketing team at Imagine It Studios is here to back you up. We’ll make sure your company is fit and ready to make its presence felt.


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