Mobile Application Scams

In the world of marketing and technology, innovation is the key to being competitive in a world where too little really is too late. There are easier, faster ways to market your product to the masses without the expense of costly advertising. Now the ability to launch a marketing campaign to promote a product, or service, is as easy as a simple text message from a mobile phone application. Unfortunately, there are those who wish to capitalize on the proprietary work of someone else, and the consumers are the ones paying the price.


Before Apple’s invention of the iPhone, mobile phone applications were non-existent. The arrival of smart phones heralded a phone apps boom that has given us the ability to count calories, translate a language, and find an obscure restaurant, at our fingertips. The mobile phone’s role has changed from being just a convenient phone, to a satellite-supported distributor of information gleaned from every Internet resource available on the planet, and all because of phone applications.


The mobile phone applications industry has skyrocketed to a multi-billion dollar industry. Corporations use them for mass marketing, boutiques use them to announce sales, and children use them to create games. But the sales of these phone applications have led to some unscrupulous behavior.  People are selling “rights” to platforms that aren’t theirs. Marketers are charging thousands of dollars for phone applications that the consumer can find for free. The popularity of these applications has persuaded people to set aside their caution for convenience. In return, the phone applications they are buying may not even work and perform the designed function, or the applications have been sold for a higher price than they are worth.


Marketing a product through mobile phone applications can make millions of dollars for a company if done correctly. There is no gauge on what should be paid for these applications, but through careful research, you should be able to educate yourself on the kinds of products there are and how much they should cost. This should protect you from anyone trying to cut themselves a slice of your profits.


The most assured way to guarantee that you do not fall prey to any scam, besides doing the research, is to find a reputable marketing firm you can trust. Anyone can say they are marketers and sell you a single service, but it is the professionals who offer comprehensive services and products that can help you analyze your market and design a phone application based on your needs and projected outcomes. Their professional input can help prevent any costly mistakes that can save time and prevent the loss of momentum in your marketing campaign. Mobile phone applications are available for sale from a variety of platforms, but a professional marketing firm can differentiate between what is real, and what can make a difference in your business.


The widespread use of mobile phone applications as a marketing tool has gained popularity from businesses and corporations, and they will continue to grow with innovation, and the advancement of technology. If you are looking for the right phone application for your business, and are overwhelmed by the many choices and high prices, do the research, consult professionals who know the business and can help you decide which applications and services are the right ones for you.

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