App Trends: The Less-is-More Movement

Do you recall the time when apps were cluttered with clunky designs and confusing interfaces? Seeing how this was the norm only a few years ago, you may remember it well. Now, the trend in apps seems to be focusing on making things easier for the user. From establishing a minimalist design to providing an easy-to-use interface, apps are doing everything to properly influence user interaction and behavior.

Let There be Flat

With a focus on simplicity and clarity to improve functionality, design has decided to embrace flatness. That’s right, gone are the days of gradients, textures, shadows and reflections. But how do you achieve depth while doing away with all of these factors? The answer is simple. By combining interactions such as parallax scrolling, visual clarity through monochromatic themes, minimal use of color and the use of spaces, the sense of depth is stimulated even in the flattest design.

Grabbing Attention

Nowadays, the attention spans of many consist of mere seconds. To adapt to this phenomenon, mobile apps have begun morphing in a way that allows users access to quick and straightforward tasks. This drives the app to do things such as:

  • ○ Identify user behavior to predict and suggest relevant content at relevant times
  • ○ Deliver the content promptly to keep the user from spending too much time performing a task

Big Impressions are Key

Over the past year, we saw websites take the single-page approach. This allows them to make a substantial impression on the user by providing a large, memorable and enticing image. While transmitting this approach to mobile apps may be challenging, doing so is pivotal in a time where responsive design is vital. With this in mind, mobile platforms will likely feature the following aspects within the next year:

  • ○ Full-screen photo backgrounds
  • ○ Large fonts combined with those of other sizes and types
  • ○ Single-page apps
  • ○ Mobile-first design sensibility

Catch the Trend Wave

Design trends for websites and apps are constantly changing to accommodate the user’s needs. At Imagine It Studios, we take pride in adapting with every trend to take an active role in perfection for our clients. Get with the times to keep your online presence from falling to the wayside. Let us know if you’re ready to climb to the forefront of web design.



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