App-in’ Ain’t Easy

Here at Imagine It Studios in McAllen, our SEO, tech and design team is always working hard on various projects. From SEO to design to proposals, we’re always on the go.  This week, we were able to add another fun project to our list. We created our first mobile app for Esparza Pest Control.

Our client wanted to add something truly unique to their business.  Aside from a killer website and impeccable services, we wanted our client to have a leg up on the competition.  C’mon, how many pest control companies do you know of that have a mobile app?

The App

After coming up with an app idea and getting all the logistics in order, we pitched the idea to our client.  They were more than ready to move forward with the idea and agreed with excitement.

How will it appeal to our target audience? It’s simple really. Nobody likes having a bug infestation in his or her home or office, so the services our client provides can be utilized by anyone who owns a home or business.

We also knew we wanted to include a bug smashing game, but would anyone play it? Of course they would. A game is a game, no matter how small! Dr. Seuss said something along those lines. We’re sure of it. If you think about it, games are hot right now.  We’re not trying to create the next Angry Birds or anything, but we did want to add some flare to our first app creation.

Aside from Bug Smash, app users can schedule appointments with Esparza Pest Control, contact them, view their Facebook and Twitter feed and watch videos.  We even included a “flashlight” to help you spot out those pesky insects in the dark.  If that doesn’t help, hit the location button on the app and see how fast Esparza can get to you.

Let’s App Together

Imagine It Studios is hungry for more of this app high. We had so much fun creating this one and we would love to work with your company to build one that can help set you apart from the rest.

Contact our team at 956-687-1521 to talk to us about building an app for your business or for web design and SEO services from Imagine It Studios in McAllen.

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