Boost Your Sales Using Digital Native McAllen Advertising Online

Social media platforms have been saturated with countless posts and videos. It can be challenging for your customers to find your service or product in the endless sea of information on social media. If it is increasingly difficult for your business to be found, it might be time to start native advertising in McAllen.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising:

  • It is paid media with the same look, feel, and content direction of the web page it’s on.
  • Persuades readers to willingly click on the native ad for more information and lead to a sale.
  • Unlike display ads (banner ads), it blends into the webpage and does not stand out like a sore thumb.

Material in an online publication which resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product – as defined by Google.

How Native McAllen Advertising Can Help Your Business

A study from Sharethough and IPG Media found that consumers look at native ads 53% more than display ads and have an 18% greater chance of purchasing online. When done correctly, customers are more likely to trust the ad format that directly relates to what they are looking for at the moment.

Types of Native Ads

  • In-feed Ads – Anything from links, articles, or boosted promotions that seamlessly integrate with the media format you are advertising on. Ex: Facebook seamlessly integrates native ads after every fourth or fifth post that generally go unnoticed and don’t bother the user as they scroll.
  • Paid Search Ads – Ideally, they show up at the top of the search engine platform with organic or paid search results. They can be seen as standard text, a dynamic search, or video and image ads. Google search results are an excellent example of seeing the ad at the top while someone searches for a product or service.
  • Promoted Listings – Similar to paid search ads, the ads appear at the top of a search page. However, they will have a small label marking them as ads.

Work with the Pros to Boost Your McAllen Advertising Sales

Whether it’s in-feed ads, paid search, or promoted listings, our McAllen advertising team can assist in getting the results you envision. Send us a message online today to learn more about how we can help your business keep going through any social media blackout!