4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Essential During A Social Media Shutdown

On Monday, October 4th, we experienced a six-hour global social-media outage, causing a frenzy amongst businesses who rely on social media to connect with customers. According to Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure, Santosh Janardhan, the outage was caused by “…configuration changes on backbone routers,” which interrupted communication and halted their services. If you don’t want your business to be entirely dependent on social media, consider e-mail marketing! We want to share four reasons why e-mail marketing is essential.

Leave A Lasting Impression

E-mail marketing is a valuable tool that creates a lasting impression with your clients.

E-mail marketing:

  • Allows you to hyper-target your communications through personalized advertisements.
  • Prevents endless scrolling and provides a unique and straightforward connection with each customer.
  • People usually expect to receive detailed information about your products and services through e-mail.

Winning and Retaining Customers

When customers sign up for e-mail lists and subscriptions, they actively commit to learning more about your business.

You can boost customer retention with:

  • Follow up e-mails
  • E-mail automation
  • Personalized e-mails
  • Welcome e-mails for new subscribers
  • Product promotions, sales, and discount codes

Save Your Advertising Budget

E-mails offer a cost-effective way to market your products and services because it:

  • Maximizes your marketing budget.
  • Has a higher click-through rate to your website and social media campaigns.
  • Gives your business a higher ROI (return of investment) than other marketing channels, such as social media marketing.

Reliable and Easily Accessible

E-mail is also reliable, accessible by many, and very customizable. This service:

  • Enables you to cultivate an extensive e-mail list.
  • Is less likely to be at the mercy of social media platform changes.
  • Has a long history of stability versus social media platforms (due to blackouts, popularity, or a dying platform like Myspace, Vine, etc.).

“E-mail marketing is so important because it allows you to speak directly to your audience, in real-time. It helps you build a relationship with current customers and gain new ones while driving engagement and brand awareness. It’s a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to make a huge impact.”

-Suzanne Hennessy, Imagine It Studios Social Media Marketer and Graphic Designer

Choose E-mail Marketing in McAllen!

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